An Often Overlooked Killer Affiliate Marketing Technique, And How To Use It To Your Great Benefit

Written by Jim Boere

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1) You just massively increased your credibility. By offering to teach people how to be successful with this program, you will be perceived as an expert.

2) You are not just 'one of those people only interested in growing their own downline', you are personally committing yourself to help them actually succeed. You are showing that you care, that you're willing to do more for them then 'allrepparttar others' are...

3) Since you - an expert - are offering to teach them how to do well with this program, people will feel confident that they actually will do well. That they actually will make real money if they join.

Using this technique will help you to bring in more affiliates. But you will also create a much stronger, more personal relationship with those new affiliates, right fromrepparttar 137506 start. As a result, they will pay more attention to your future follow-up messages and recommendations. Thus further increasing your (residual) income.

There are many ways to draw attention to your exclusive offer. A few suggestions:

* Notify your newsletter and other opt-in list subscribers by email. * Put a text box on your web site. * Install a popup / popunder / fly-in ad on your web site. * Promote your offer through eZine ads, classified ads, banner ads, etcetera. * Mention it in your email signature file. * Mention it inrepparttar 137507 signature file of each of your forum post. * Be creative and come up with more ideas.

Use this killer affiliate marketing technique to improve both your short and long term results. And teach your affiliates to dorepparttar 137508 same!

Jim Boere is a published author and full-time online marketer. Visit to join the program he recommends for building residual income. You will be offered his free personal coaching (automatically) within 48 hrs.

Using Flyers to Advertise your Online Business

Written by Paul Jesse

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Let's break it down and estimaterepparttar amount of sales/traffic you could receive from a well planned offline flyer campaign. Say you print 500 flyers promoting an affiliate product that you signed up for. If you put up 500 flyers on bulletin boards that allow your flyers for two weeks, you have an almost 100% guaranteed exposure number of 500 times 14 or 7000 impressions. If 1% of 7,000 are converted to a $30 dollar sale, you have just made $2,100 or 70 sales. Now that's good money if you ask me.

All you have to do is find a way to convert your affiliate products web site to a flyer, and print out as many copies as you can afford. Thenrepparttar 137487 small task of getting them circulated.

Several months ago I ran a test campaign similar to this and started to receive salesrepparttar 137488 day after I posted all my flyers.

You may want to add flyers as part of your advertising plan.

Paul Jesse is a rerired government employee turned Internet Marketer. For Work at Home Resources and Opportunities, visit his site at:

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