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Written by Iris Ceramica

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The courtyard also contains a small gazebo, built in all-black Lavagna slate (26"x13" square, Format collection), used to coverrepparttar floor and walls both inside and out. The whole is given an even more modern look by huge plastic plant pots and armchairs of minimal design, decorated with elegant floral prints.

The third setting is a glamorous mix. Bright red lights, designer chairs, inebriating essences and metallic surfaces(18"x18" Steel, Metal Line collection) are reflected inrepparttar 140645 mirror columns so that they are infinitely multiplied as if to disorientrepparttar 140646 visitor. Inrepparttar 140647 evening, artificial lighting transformsrepparttar 140648 environments: our perception ofrepparttar 140649 colour ofrepparttar 140650 material changes, surrounded by lights and shadows in a new perspective that enhances its multi-sensorial dimension.

Italian manufacturer of porcelain floor tiles and ceramic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. Environmentally friendly flooring. Metal, wood, marble, slate and stone-look tile.

The Awnings can be made with transparent plastics

Written by Carlos Mello

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Vertical welds (recommended):

There will be a weld on average each 1.35 meters and whole strips are used.

Inrepparttar center or inrepparttar 140550 extremities there will be a smaller strip in agreement withrepparttar 140551 use ofrepparttar 140552 material. Inrepparttar 140553 lateral ones, there will be reinforcement in Crystal (equalrepparttar 140554 amendment) of 2.5 centimeters.

Inrepparttar 140555 sense ofrepparttar 140556 vertical weldsrepparttar 140557 shrink doesn't exist, however, when openingrepparttar 140558 awning crystal they will appear waves, which will disappear in few minutess.

Comparing withrepparttar 140559 horizontal weld, that vertical method " glues " less when coiled.

Aboutrepparttar 140560 Author:

Carlos Mello isrepparttar 140561 Director of Arquitetoldos, an awnings manufacturing company. Seerepparttar 140562 sites and .


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