An Introduction to HD-DVD

Written by Chuck Red

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There are two kinds of of HD DVD discs for content,repparttar 15GB single layer disc andrepparttar 143418 dual-layer disc with double capacity, a full 30GB. Usingrepparttar 143419 latest compression technologies,repparttar 143420 30Bg disc can store up to 7 hours of images. Today' DVD has a capacity of 4.7GB and store only 2 hours of standard definition content.

HD DVD discs have a data transfer rate of 36.55Mbps which allowsrepparttar 143421 24Mbps data stream of digital television broadcasts to be seamlessly recorded.

Using HD DVD inrepparttar 143422 every day world will have numerous advantage over other optical media technologies. The resilient HD DVD disc has a protective layer which removesrepparttar 143423 need for a protective cartridge, allowingrepparttar 143424 development of slim computer drives. The added bulk of a disc cartridge would have also caused any laptops using a cartridge based optical media disc to increase substantially in size to allow forrepparttar 143425 extra roomrepparttar 143426 drive would need.

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5 Mac Security Tips You Canít Live Without

Written by Paulo Fretowski

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4. Donít be afraid to buy anti-virus software. If you have to download files fromrepparttar internet as part of a job or hobby, then it is probably a good idea to have some sort of anti-virus software on your Macintosh. Apple provides a wide-variety of anti-virus software that is constantly updated.

5. Finally, keep an eye on those e-mail attachments and instant messages. Some hackers have programmed viruses to IM you from one of your friendsí screen names. Donít click on any link without knowing what it is first. Most e-mail providers use virus scans automatically, but you should always be extra careful when downloading an attachment. If it is from someone you do not know, donít trust it.

Apple computers are very safe from hackers, but they can always be improved. Keeping a computer safe, and running well requires a great amount of time and energy. Just remember that if your computer is safe, your Apple experience will be much more rewarding.

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