An Introduction to Cigars Today

Written by Eddie Tobey

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The increased availability of discount prices on premium brand cigars has also contributed torepparttar rise in popularity of cigars and cigar smoking. Online merchants such as Payless-cigars offer many high quality brands at prices much lower than those found in traditional stores. Plus, they can be shipped to your doorstep quickly, cheaply and anonymously.

With allrepparttar 149308 other cigar accessories available for purchase, cigars have become big business inrepparttar 149309 States in recent years. In fact, sincerepparttar 149310 early 1990s sales for cigars and cigar products have risen to heights previously unseen. Due in part to their popularity among celebrities, cigar smoking has taken on a hip, youthful image that elevates smoking cigars from a simple recreational hobby, to an integral part of a luxurious lifestyle.

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How To Play Guitar Like a Pro!

Written by John Bilderbeck

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3: Learnrepparttar difference between practice time and noodling time.

Basically, you learn how to play guitar in two ways:- 1: when you practice, and, 2: when you noodle and try out new ideas.

Practice Time is SERIOUS Time!

It's when you are specifically and very deliberately teaching your body and brain new motor and muscle-memory skills. This is all done very slowly, with great care and meticulous attention to detail. Never practice fast.

Practice time is where you develop muscle-memory and train your body to act inrepparttar 149267 most beneficial way for playing guitar. Remember - GIGO!

This isrepparttar 149268 foundation building time.. where you layrepparttar 149269 foundation for learning HOW to play guitarrepparttar 149270 best way you can - without imposing limitations upon yourself through bad practice habits.

Noodling Time.

Noodling Time is where you learn how to play guitar by putting into practice what you study during your practice time. It's where you to steal licks, chords and solos off records. It's where you hunch over your cd player or computer with your guitar trying to hear and learn that tricky chord or lick.

It's where good habits can easily become undone!

Better to do this... Once you learn a lick, sit down in your chair inrepparttar 149271 proper position and play that lick over and over at a slow speed while focusing on being as relaxed as possible and with absolute minimal finger movement. Program that lick, your physical movements and relaxation "perfectly" into your brain. Only when it becomes 2nd nature to you, and you "own" that lick, should you start speeding up.

But... always focus on being as relaxed as possible.

Noodling is fun, and a necessary part of learning how to play guitar. Do as much as you can. But.. don't mistake it for real practice time. Don't noodle with bad habits either.

Next... you need to ensure you are practicingrepparttar 149272 correct things inrepparttar 149273 correct way too. But that's another story.

John Bilderbeck has been teaching guitar for 30 years. He shares his valuable insights on his new Free Guitar Chords web site. For a FREE e-Book on How to Master Guitar Like a Pro, visit: now.

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