An Inside Look at Proofreading

Written by Donna Sweat

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7] Check those simple small words, such as: of, it, in, is,for, be, and I.[I, should be a capital, regardless of where it is.]

Other important points in addition torepparttar ones above are included below. These are not to be excluded and you may think this is a lot of unnecessary work, but isn't your piece important. You wouldn't be writing it, if it wasn't.

1] Do you have enough ideas incorporated into your selection?

2] Be sure you are not wandering away fromrepparttar 129871 thesis.

3] Are you proving your point and is it interesting?

4] Isrepparttar 129872 content in order and does it flow smoothly?

5] Answerrepparttar 129873 following questions when you are proofreading. A. Who? B. What? C. Where? D. When? E. Why? If one of these are missing, then you need to go back and revise.

All ofrepparttar 129874 above tips for proofreading are ofrepparttar 129875 upmost importance even on a web page of your web site. The following tips are also helpful inrepparttar 129876 finishing touches of your site.

1] Start your inspection by checking to make sure all links work.

2] Look atrepparttar 129877 text and see if it is readable. If you can't see it,others cannot read it. The background may not be suitable.

3] Verify that all your information is up to date.

4] Is allrepparttar 129878 information in a sensible order, and delete or add information.

5] Userepparttar 129879 scroll bar onrepparttar 129880 side to view one line at a time, either fromrepparttar 129881 bottom or top. I find this very useful when reading, etc.

Proofreading has a nature of time consumption and if you do not haverepparttar 129882 time, find someone that does. It will boost your sales and your site will have a look of a professional.

I am not a professional and never claim to be, but I will proofreadrepparttar 129883 following types of content, sent by email if you want a little help. I am not charging a enormous fee forrepparttar 129884 service. I have an Associate Degree in Accounting, and extensive courses in English, Business Communications, Ethics, and Public Speaking.

Donna Sweat Publisher/Editor Dee's Helpful Info. Newsletter New Albany, Pa.


Written by Doug C. Grant

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Still,repparttar target is your boss so you want to be a little tactful. Here is how you might write your close:

"By starting immediately on this project, I estimate we can have positive results to showrepparttar 129870 Executive Board at their next meeting in June. I have an open schedule tomorrow afternoon and could meet with you to discuss details. If you are available, have Alice call me about a time that would be convenient for you."

Notice how cleverly you have constructed your close. You have inserted a note of urgency without being demanding. You have also liftedrepparttar 129871 burden of response fromrepparttar 129872 target and placed it on someone else. This could be a secretary or assistant.

The easier you make it for a target to respond,repparttar 129873 quicker you'll get that reply.

You could also takerepparttar 129874 necessity of responding completely offrepparttar 129875 target's shoulder by volunteering to dorepparttar 129876 follow- up.

"I'll call you tomorrow morning, after you've had an opportunity to read through my proposal. We can then set up a time to discuss details."

Notice that you haven't even suggested that your proposal might not be accepted. From a psychological standpoint, this makesrepparttar 129877 refusal, if there is one, more difficult. Overcoming a positive with a negative generally takes extra effort.

Writing a close for Imcoms going to associates or subordinates, requires a bit different approach. I'll cover that type of close in future Imcom coaching articles.

Just remember, no matter who you are talking to, spell out exactly what action you want taken. And try to insert a note of urgency. Faint heart never won a fair response. (Or, something like that.)

Doug C. Grant, Dean of Distinctive Business Writing, is the author of ‘HOW TO MOVE FROM CUBICLE TO CORNER OFFICE WITH THE SECRETS OF POWER WRITING. A FREE preview of the book plus details on receiving a FREE Blue Pencil Edit for one of your own imcoms is available by e-mailing:

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