An Ingenious Way to Use Wordtracker . . . that's actually easier too! (Part 2)

Written by Robin Nobles

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John gave another example

He says, "If you're selling 'digital cameras,' don't optimize for 'digital cameras.' Did you know that everyone is searching for 'Digital Cameras Review'? Build a page offering reviews of digital cameras, which has a KEI that just blew me away."

Another effective strategy: Top Reports

Besides Comprehensive Search, John also likes to look atrepparttar top reports for high performance keywords or topics that are related to his client.

John explains, "I'll reviewrepparttar 128041 Long Term Reports, which arerepparttar 128042 top 1000 keywords overrepparttar 128043 past 24 hours. Then, I cut and paste any topics related to my client into Comprehensive Search to get streams of currently 'hot topics.' I define a hot topic as a popular topic in high demand, which may also have lists of related keywords phrases also in high demand."

What happens if you can't find a hot topic that relates to your site inrepparttar 128044 top 1000?

John answers, "Many people do not know that Wordtracker offers extensive top word reports beyondrepparttar 128045 database. All you have to do is ask, and they'll sell you:

* The Top 20,000 words $99

* The Top 100,000 words $500

* The Top 500,000 words $2000"

Additional suggestions

* When John goes to Comprehensive Search, he doesn't put in a huge list of keyword phrases. He types in one single word, then lets Comprehensive Search dorepparttar 128046 rest. This allows him to come up with ideas and angles that he would have never considered before.

* Like John, spend a lot of time thinking of your target audience. Who are you trying to sellrepparttar 128047 products or services to? There may be several target audiences, as inrepparttar 128048 case of our aromatherapy example. If so, go after keyword choices to target each of those audiences.

* Don't be afraid to let your creativity take hold. If your first few choices don't work, continue trying. Using Comprehensive Search, it doesn't take long to go back throughrepparttar 128049 system with a different keyword idea. Keep going back until you find a possibility that might work for your site orrepparttar 128050 site of a client.

* Be sure to giverepparttar 128051 surfer what they're looking for when they choose your site fromrepparttar 128052 search results. If you promised them "techniques of massage," then be sure to give them good, solid content in that area, including related links. Weave your products and services throughoutrepparttar 128053 page as you can. But, don't ever try to trick a surfer.

* If you get stuck and just can't find a keyword phrase with a high KEI and a low level of competition that will work for you, take a slightly different approach. Instead of trying to bring in a large amount of traffic through one single window, try creating several windows and bring in a little traffic through each one. Though more time consuming, this strategy can be equally effective inrepparttar 128054 long run.

* If you aren't already a member of Wordtracker (, sign up forrepparttar 128055 free trial and testrepparttar 128056 system out for yourself. Pricing is very reasonable, depending on your needs. For example, you can userepparttar 128057 service for a week for $19.94, and many other plans are available.

The bottom line is this: if you are serious about your Web site, you've got to be serious about keyword choice. If you're serious about keyword choice, Wordtracker is a "must have" service for you.

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Robin Nobles is the Director of Training of the Academy of Web Specialists (, where she has trained several thousand people in her online courses in search engine marketing strategies ( She also teaches 3-day "hands on" search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine Workshops (

An Ingenious Way to Use Wordtracker . . . that's actually easier too! (Part 1)

Written by Robin Nobles

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Let's look at an example

John has a client who sells baby furniture and products online, so he needed to findrepparttar target audience for baby furniture. Putting his creative mind at work, he started thinking about who would want to buy baby beds and strollers. Not people with newborns - after all, they already own all ofrepparttar 128040 furniture they need. The true audience for his client is soon to become parents, grandparents, etc.

His next step was to use Comprehensive Search to try to determine what his target audience is looking for. John typed in "baby," and he found some very interesting results.

People searching forrepparttar 128041 word "baby" were searching for keyword phrases like "baby names," "Baby Names," "Baby Boy Names," and so forth.

Bingo! He hadrepparttar 128042 angle he needed to get traffic torepparttar 128043 site. Rather than concentrating onrepparttar 128044 actual product he was trying to sell, he thought of a way to pull in traffic through a different window. After all, what will his target audience be looking for onrepparttar 128045 Internet? Ideas for names for their new babies!

John adds, "Keep in mind that this angle is also based onrepparttar 128046 fact that babies are always onrepparttar 128047 way, aroundrepparttar 128048 world, day after day, which creates an extremely unique market for certain products. Understandrepparttar 128049 advantages of identifying people's behavior, and you'll never look at keyword research quiterepparttar 128050 same."

After he has capturedrepparttar 128051 visitors at his site, he can easily slide inrepparttar 128052 fact thatrepparttar 128053 site is also selling baby products and furniture. He's gotten them torepparttar 128054 site, which is step #1; they are his target audience, which is step #2; and with compelling content, he can increaserepparttar 128055 site's conversion rate to go along withrepparttar 128056 increase in traffic.

How did John proceed? He created a page that focused onrepparttar 128057 meanings of baby names.

Keep in mind thatrepparttar 128058 page he created has value and unique content. He didn't just toss together a page, simply forrepparttar 128059 sake of getting a top ranking. Instead, he worked hard to find links all overrepparttar 128060 Web to sites that offerrepparttar 128061 meaning of baby names. His page offers tremendous value torepparttar 128062 search engine and users as a one-stop resource for finding links torepparttar 128063 meanings of baby names. Then, in strategically placed spots onrepparttar 128064 page, he subtly added pictures of his client's products with links to related pages.

John explains, "Don't ever trick your audience or they will simply never buy. Give them exactly what they are looking for right up front. In this example, I created a page that offers baby names andrepparttar 128065 meanings of baby names, and I subtly offered a few product listings or links to my client's storefront. It is essential that you always provide content related to their search first, and then offer links to appropriate products within your client's site."

The bottom line?

How did John's strategy work out for his client? The baby names page alone pulls in an additional 500 unique visitors of extremely targeted traffic each month.

John adds, "I cannot give yourepparttar 128066 percentage in terms ofrepparttar 128067 exact increase in sales, but I can tell you thatrepparttar 128068 client has been very pleased withrepparttar 128069 results."

Remember that this is just one page that John added torepparttar 128070 site.

He explains, "Had I really wanted to pull out allrepparttar 128071 stops, I could have created several entry pages around this one theme. For example, targeting keyword phrases such as: 'most popular baby names,' etc. You could also buildrepparttar 128072 content right intorepparttar 128073 site and extend it through all ofrepparttar 128074 races:

* Spanish baby names

* Italian baby names

* Jewish baby name

* French baby names"

(See Part 2)

Robin Nobles is the Director of Training of the Academy of Web Specialists (, where she has trained several thousand people in her online courses in search engine marketing strategies ( She also teaches 3-day "hands on" search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine Workshops (

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