An Indian

Written by Kedar Joshi

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An Indian

X-Files Stuff in the News!

Written by Doug Bower

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So what set off this flock of Grackles? And note that they are large and loud Crow-like birds. Is there a connection betweenrepparttar toad-murdering crows of Germany and this Houston event? Don't you want to know?

Then, lo and behold, Reuters' news service reported that on May 19, a sleepy little Russian village's lake simply DISAPPEARED overnight! Imagine that! You go to bed tellingrepparttar 139132 wife that you will be up beforerepparttar 139133 crack of dawn to go "Wet a Hook". You get up, eat a little something, grabrepparttar 139134 gear, and walk down torepparttar 139135 lake, only to find that it is gone--Poof! [2]

I assure you I am not making any of this up. An entire lake was there whenrepparttar 139136 Russians went to bed andrepparttar 139137 next morning it was gone.

Get this: The article is entitled, "Lake Disappears, baffling villagers". They find it, what, a little baffling? I wonder if TERRORIZED would have been a more appropriate word? Baffled just doesn't cut it. I am thinking that an overnight disappearance of an entire lake would elicit a little stronger reaction like,

"Мы тянем наших ишаков из здесь".

This roughly translates to,

"We are hauling our butts out of here."

Just whatrepparttar 139138 devil is going on here? Exploding toads in Germany (the explanation was NOT conclusive), vicious people-attacking CROW-like birds in Houston (authorities had to close down that section ofrepparttar 139139 street), thenrepparttar 139140 overnight disappearance of an entire lake.

Just where are Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Skully when you need them?

[1] Hostile Grackels Attack People in Houston; Associated Press

[2] Lake Disappears, baffling villagers.

Doug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. He is a columnist with and the Magic City Morning Star. He is also listed with He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico. His newest book Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country can now be seen at

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