An Experimental Meditation using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Approaches

Written by Adam Sargant, Dip.H.Ed (Nursing Studies), Dip.Hyp.,NLP(prac)

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Now, whichever is easier, allowrepparttar guru self to fill your being from within, or allow yourself to expand and merge withrepparttar 122252 image ofrepparttar 122253 guru self. Become aware ofrepparttar 122254 transparency of self as you grow and simply rest, still, withinrepparttar 122255 mind ofrepparttar 122256 guru self.

In your mind, say now "Fill me now withrepparttar 122257 love and devotion I have learned inrepparttar 122258 future, guide me torepparttar 122259 resources I have acquired inrepparttar 122260 time of my future self. I am my own Buddha teacher, andrepparttar 122261 pull of my own inspiration is inspired to flower and to blossom, as a flower inrepparttar 122262 sun".

  • Maturation

    Withinrepparttar 122263 mind ofrepparttar 122264 guru self, simply practice whatever form of meditation is most familiar to you, whether it be single pointed concentration on an external object or a mantra meditation, or whatever form is most natural to you. Simply offer this meditation up with devotion and love torepparttar 122265 future guru self and your own spiritual aspirations.

  • Empowerment

    Separating your self fromrepparttar 122266 future guru self, seerepparttar 122267 guru self again as fillingrepparttar 122268 sky, translucent as a rainbow. Now imagine thousands of rays of light pouring fromrepparttar 122269 image ofrepparttar 122270 guru self, into you, filling you with love, healing, purifying and sowingrepparttar 122271 seeds of your future spiritual growth. As these lights continue to pour forth, imagine a swelling of intense white light emanating fromrepparttar 122272 forehead ofrepparttar 122273 guru self, betweenrepparttar 122274 eyes, and bursting forth and entering and filling you throughrepparttar 122275 same point.

    Then, imagine a ruby red light originating fromrepparttar 122276 throat ofrepparttar 122277 guru self, growing and then pouring forth into you entering at your throat.

    And then, imagine an intense blue light pouring fromrepparttar 122278 heart ofrepparttar 122279 guru self, filling your heart, and cascading through your body.

    Relax and sit still inrepparttar 122280 knowledge of having been impartedrepparttar 122281 body, speech and heart of your spiritually developed guru self.

  • Integration

    Now, allowrepparttar 122282 image ofrepparttar 122283 guru self to dissolve into light, fillingrepparttar 122284 sky andrepparttar 122285 space around and within you, allowingrepparttar 122286 sense of your own presence to dissolve intorepparttar 122287 light. Rest for a while in this state of integrating, sensing any shifts in energy that occur, not making intellectual judgements but simply allowingrepparttar 122288 experience to occur.

  • Adam is an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist, as well as a mental health nurse with over a decades experience. He is passionate about the use of language to effect change, and about the ability of people to maximise their own potential.

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    The Paradox of One And Many in Aikido Philosophy

    Written by Charlie Badenhop

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    As you learn to locate and maintain your own personal "center", you discover that your center is both local and global, or as Akio Moritarepparttar past CEO of Sony said, "We must think globally while acting locally. We must developrepparttar 122251 capacity to be 'glocal'." When you experience this sense of being "glocal" you manifest a greater capacity to join and blend withrepparttar 122252 "ki" of others. You realize that in some very important way we all sharerepparttar 122253 same ki,repparttar 122254 same ancestry,repparttar 122255 same God,repparttar 122256 same life. There is a "oneness" to all of life, and this "One" can never be reduced to zero. From this "One" energy two counterbalancing forces appeared and stimulated and supported each other, andrepparttar 122257 conditional world was born. The conditional world requiresrepparttar 122258 ongoing working relationship of "opposites." Night and Day, Male-Female, Yin and Yang. These opposites REQUIRE and support each other. If night were to oppose day, if male denigrates and or suppresses female, if one group of people subjugates another, all of life is diminished in some important sense. The relative world REQUIRES difference in order to maintainrepparttar 122259 commonality of life. Differences in opinion, difference in beliefs, differences in religion, all lead to a feeding ofrepparttar 122260 "reiseishin" of our common spirit. It is so important for us to realize that "difference" createsrepparttar 122261 diversity that supportsrepparttar 122262 viability of future life, that opposites are necessary for counterbalance in a conditional world. We must sense our oneness with all of life, while not in any way requiring that there only be one right way, one set of beliefs, one religion.

    Three important components in supportingrepparttar 122263 diversity that feeds life, are Appreciation, Empathy, and Respect.

    1. Appreciation of diversity fosters an openness to exploring difference. An openness to exploring difference means that we will have a much richer wealth of ideas and alternatives to draw upon. This is one ofrepparttar 122264 necessary components for successful adaptation. We move away from a concept of "right or wrong" and instead consider what will work best in this particular instance. We welcome and acknowledgerepparttar 122265 process of trial and error, knowing that all learning requires that we make some mistakes alongrepparttar 122266 way. If we belittle or stiflerepparttar 122267 answers or opinions that don't wind up fitting our needs this time around, we denigraterepparttar 122268 creative process, and diminishrepparttar 122269 flow of new ideas inrepparttar 122270 future. 2. Empathy helps us to be responsive torepparttar 122271 needs, dreams, and desires of others. When we are sensitive torepparttar 122272 thoughts and feelings of others, we soon realize that "MY" way is notrepparttar 122273 only way. "My" way is not THE right way. "My" way is only one of many ways. 3. Respect is an important component in fostering all of life, because it leads torepparttar 122274 manifestation of "reiseishin." Our task in life is not easy. But luckily, we each have great capacity, as we are each fed byrepparttar 122275 "One" ki ofrepparttar 122276 universe.

    Mayrepparttar 122277 importance of differences in opinion and beliefs be appreciated. May we empathize withrepparttar 122278 plight of others. May we bow to and respectrepparttar 122279 sanctity of all life.

    Charlie Badenhop is the originator of Seishindo, an Aikido instructor, NLP trainer, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Benefit from his thought-provoking ideas and a new self-help Practice every two weeks, by subscribing to his complimentary newsletter "Pure Heart, Simple Mind" at .

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