An Entrepreneur and a Life To Be Remembered

Written by Tim Knox

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I never personally spoke or shook hands with Corey Rudl, but I was his customer, his student, and ultimately an admirer. I can attribute much ofrepparttar success of my own online business to Corey’s teachings and principles. He was one of those rare birds that you didn’t have to meet to feel like you were on a first-name basis with him. Everyone in my little circle of internet marketing friends simply referred to him as “Corey” and we spoke of him warmly, as a friend and mentor. He setrepparttar 141633 bar for all of us. We wanted to achieve his level of success. We wanted to hit his heights. We wanted to berepparttar 141634 entrepreneur that he was.

Corey had just recently marriedrepparttar 141635 girl of his dreams. He was a millionaire many times over. He had a big house and fancy cars and a future so bright he had to wear shades. His business was thriving. Life was perfect. Corey Rudl truly hadrepparttar 141636 world byrepparttar 141637 tail and there was no chance he’d ever let go. I imagine he was holding on tight untilrepparttar 141638 very end.

The lessons we learn fromrepparttar 141639 death of Corey Rudl arerepparttar 141640 same lessons we always learn when someone so young and vibrant is suddenly taken from us. As entrepreneurs we should take those lessons and apply them not only to our own lives, but to our businesses, as well.

Lesson One: live everyday as if it is your last, because it just might be. As entrepreneurs we often think that our businesses have to come first on our list of priorities. It’s not until a tragedy reminds us that life is too short that we think about making time forrepparttar 141641 things in life that are really important. Get out from behind your desk. Go play with your kids. Hug your wife. Call your mother.

Lesson Two: be passionate about business, but never let it eclipse your passion for life. Corey was a true entrepreneur whose passion for business was unparalleled, but by all accounts he also knew that a life devoted strictly to business was a life not lived to its fullest. Corey died doing what he loved. Some will argue that his passion killed him and in a way that’s true, but I have to believe that before he knew he was in danger Corey had a smile on his face a mile wide. He would not have lived his life any other way.

As I finish this column my oldest daughter has come in to ask if I’d likerepparttar 141642 honor of taking her out to Sunday brunch. She’s seventeen now. She has a job, a car, and a life that is very much her own. Chances to be graced with her presence grow rarer with each passing week. Still, any other day I might have weighed her invitation againstrepparttar 141643 eight million business-related things that need my attention.

Today, however,repparttar 141644 decision is easy.

I usually end my column withrepparttar 141645 words, “Here’s to your success.”

This week let me end with, “Here’s to your life.”

Tim Knox

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Frames and Search Engines

Written by Sumantra Roy

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Furthermore, you should also place a link torepparttar page containing your navigation links inrepparttar 141587 NOFRAMES tag.

This ensures thatrepparttar 141588 search engines are able to spiderrepparttar 141589 internal pages in your site.

One problem that occurs when you use frames is thatrepparttar 141590 search engines may often display one ofrepparttar 141591 internal pages in your site in response to a query.

If this internal page does not contain a link torepparttar 141592 home page of your site,repparttar 141593 user will be unable to navigate through your entire site.

The solution, of course, is to add a link torepparttar 141594 home page from that internal page. Whenrepparttar 141595 visitor clicks on that link, she is brought withinrepparttar 141596 context ofrepparttar 141597 frames.

However, simply adding a link torepparttar 141598 home page presents yet another problem.

Ifrepparttar 141599 visitor had already been viewing that page withinrepparttar 141600 context ofrepparttar 141601 frames and then clicks onrepparttar 141602 link torepparttar 141603 home page, a new set of frames will be created in addition torepparttar 141604 frames already being used.

In order to solve this problem, you have to userepparttar 141605 TARGET = "_top" command inrepparttar 141606 link, i.e.

Wrapping things up:

As I mentioned earlier, there is also an advantage to using frames. Since most

Internet users are now using frames enabled browsers, it means that not many people are going to know what's present in your NOFRAMES tag.

This allows yourepparttar 141607 repeat your keywords a few more times inrepparttar 141608 NOFRAMES than what you could have done if you were writing a page which humans would also see (of course, don't repeatrepparttar 141609 keywords too many times - that can cause your web site to be penalized for spamming).

You can also avoid using tables, graphics etc. which you would otherwise need to use if humans would also view that page.

However, it is debatable whether this small advantage is sufficient to justify using frames.

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