An End to Animal Cruelty...All Things Are Possible With PETA

Written by Dawnell Harrison

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of animals in crash tests, brought about a mainstream rejection of fur, and caused nearly 600 cosmetics companies to eliminate product-testing on animals, among other successful PETA endeavors inrepparttar fight to give animals a genuine voice. When I asked Carla what law regarding animals she would most like to see changed, she expressed that she would like factory farms to be abolished and an overall public change toward vegetarianism. (Great answer...three cheers for Carla!) PETA has approximately 750,000 members and supporters worldwide.

Graduate University of Washington, owner, published poet, and animal lover/activist.

Bijar rugs & carpets Exhibition in Seattle March 2004

Written by Ivan Soenderholm

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will berepparttar curator. Ferdod Haghihi asks Jozan Magazine to advise potential lenders that they should include size, technical description as best they can to verify structure, and any other information that they have concerningrepparttar 125515 rug or its history. We are looking for rare and exceptional pieces for this event - he says.

Turabi Gallery is located inrepparttar 125516 Historical district of Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. 112 1st. Ave. S. Seattle, WA. 98104 Phone: 206-624-7726

Publisher and editor of Jozan Magazine on Oriental Rugs

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