An Element of Perfidy

Written by David Cooper

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Inrepparttar crime ofrepparttar 150766 century Jack failed to consider every contingency like an act of self-defense by my pals in Miami, The Company,repparttar 150767 mob. In every change of policy there's an element of perfidy and a fine line between courage and stupidity. <>"An Element of Perfidy": Late November 1963. The speaker is former vice-president and failed presidential candidate Richard Nixon, who as vice-president served as CIA White House action officer forrepparttar 150768 proposed invasion of Cuba. The information on which this poem is based is found in several ofrepparttar 150769 secondary sources cited inrepparttar 150770 endnotes ofrepparttar 150771 ebook "JFK: Lines of Fire".

"An Element of Perfidy" is reprinted from the ebook "JFK: Lines of Fire" (Burlington, VT: http://PulpBits , 2003) and first appeared in Prairie Winds (Mitchell, SD) n. 50, Spring 1996.

Review: "Midnight" by Mari Adkins

Written by Jason Sizemore

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Adkins also gives us a fascinating glimpse intorepparttar world of Paganism. Sami's magic powers are real and potent, used in a real world setting and not as some cute form of fantasy. I kept waiting for a violent magical outburst, but that would do Sami and her powers an injustice.

Overall, this isrepparttar 150553 best ofrepparttar 150554 four eBooks I've hadrepparttar 150555 opportunity to read overrepparttar 150556 past couple of years. The editing is as good as you'll find in most mid-level imprints, and Mari Adkins shows a knack for storytelling that will one day propel her to a hefty book deal with a print publisher.

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