An Easy Way to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Written by Stephanie Yeh

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6. Observe 10 people during a span of 5 minutes.

To give you an example of what you might right, look atrepparttar paragraph below: <><><><><><><><><> Man, blond hair, jeans, has kids, mustache, kind, loves sports, likes water, has a brother, works outdoors, in tune with Nature, born inrepparttar 122377 West or has a connection torepparttar 122378 West, nice tan, sneakers, talking with someone, talks with hand gestures, works well with hands, sensitive hands, sensitive nature, enjoys people, likesrepparttar 122379 color red, wears red a lot, brown eyes, around 40, jazz music, smiles a lot. <><><><><><><><><>

You'll notice inrepparttar 122380 short description above that there are many descriptions that can be seen withrepparttar 122381 five senses -repparttar 122382 color of his hair,repparttar 122383 way he talks with his hands,repparttar 122384 color of his eyes and his tan. In between, though, are descriptors that can't be seen withrepparttar 122385 five senses - that he has a brother, he is in tune with Nature, likesrepparttar 122386 color red and jazz music. Notice that I didn't write that he likes jazz music, plays jazz music or listens to jazz music. I just wrote "jazz music." There may be someone around him to plays jazz music or he may like to listen to jazz music. Those details didn't come up so I just wrote jazz music. Be sure to write whatever comes up - no editing!!

It doesn't matter if any of your descriptions, especially those that are done with Spirit abilities, are actually correct. The goal is to practice accessing information with these abilities. The correctness of your observation will improve with time. Practice this exercise as often as you can - any time you are waiting for a bus, sitting at a restaurant or resting in a public setting. If you don't get out much, you can dorepparttar 122387 same exercise by turningrepparttar 122388 volume off your TV and observingrepparttar 122389 people on TV.

You'll find that with practice you will developrepparttar 122390 ability to simply look at people and know what they are like, what's going on in their lives and what is important to them. The more you practice,repparttar 122391 better you'll get. The key is not to get attached torepparttar 122392 correctness of what you right. The less you judge yourselfrepparttar 122393 more correct your observations will become. Good luck!

Stephanie Yeh, co-founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic (, helps clients use magical and shamanic techniques to manifest their desires. Stephanie has created several online and video classes to make this information more accessible. She also helps others learn to create abundant health and wealth with spiritual and practical resources through her site, Prosperity Abounds (

Rhiannon Waits sends spiritual Messages

Written by Barbara Cyndel

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In other news, a close source has information that Rhiannons home will berepparttar stopping place of yet another prestigious guest. Mr. Jim Foret, respected authoritarian onrepparttar 122376 Ancient Crystal Skulls and possessor of three, will be at Rhiannons home at an undisclosed date. It appears a friendship has formed between these two highly respected individuals.

Simply Psychic, close friend and associate of Rhiannon, states Rhiannon has had lengthy correspondence with Joshua Shapiro. Joshua Shapiro, well-known explorer ofrepparttar 122377 Ancient Crystal Skulls has made headlines acrossrepparttar 122378 world and Internet. Consideredrepparttar 122379 "Indiana Jones" among his colleagues, his quest to unearthrepparttar 122380 crystal skulls and their mysteries, leads him acrossrepparttar 122381 world.

Rhiannon starts her fall tour in Navarre, Florida at a Metaphysical Festival with Unlimited Horizons ofrepparttar 122382 Emerald Coast. Close associates state Rhiannon felt drawn to appear at this Festival. If you are inrepparttar 122383 area September 13 or 14th, you will be able to meet her there.

I encourage you to visit Rhiannons website, and find out why people are rallying around Rhiannon. The website hasrepparttar 122384 ability to help you with chat capabilities throughoutrepparttar 122385 entire site. One click on a Live Help button will produce an expert to guide you aroundrepparttar 122386 site or to a reading.

I, Barbara Cyndel, will never hear Fleetwood Mac sing “Rhiannon” again, without reminiscing of my encounter with Rhiannon Waits. The lady just brings a warm feeling and a smile to your lips. She is indeedrepparttar 122387 gentle psychicrepparttar 122388 world loves to love. Visit this amazing site at

Barbara Cyndel is a media consultant and publisher concerning REAL PSYCHICS - REAL READINGS.

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