An Easy Cure For "Math Phobia"

Written by Kenneth Williams

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The point here is that if you have "math phobia" or "math block", it isnít a permanent state of mind.

As a perfectly normal, healthy human being, you can do math and enjoy it as much as anyone.

You can make this change yourself, anytime you want. You just need to ignorerepparttar disliking attitude and actually try manipulating a few numbers from time to time.

Start with something easy, like adding small numbers in your head, or on paper if you prefer.

Next time you get some change inrepparttar 147819 shop, check itís correct. Or better still, reckon uprepparttar 147820 change you expect while you are waiting to pay.

Avoid perfectionism, especially inrepparttar 147821 early stages. Realize there are two ways of working with numbers: approximate and exact. Often, an approximate answer is all you need.

For example, when you pick up a grocery item priced at $3.98, just call it "four dollars". The next thing you pick up inrepparttar 147822 shop is priced at $7.95, so call that "eight dollars". Add them together and you now expect to pay "nearly twelve dollars".

Try it and youíll see how easy it is.

The cure for math phobia is to allow a few numbers back into your life. Donít make a big thing of them, just do whatever you feel comfortable with.

To summarize:

1. Recognize you have an aversion to math, whether itís full-blown math phobia or just a few math blocks here and there.

2. Make a conscious decision to do something about it.

3. Give yourself a regular math workout, however small to start with.

Youíll find it all gets easier, and youíll soon enjoy math once again.

Kenneth Williams is author of "Fun With Figures", which shows you a completely different and much easier method of doing numbers in your head. Check it out here:


Written by Marvin Badler

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