An Alternative to the .COM Domain?

Written by Clare Lawrence

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A possible further consideration isrepparttar political stability of smaller countries, only recently part ofrepparttar 108257 Soviet Union. Niue meanwhile has beenrepparttar 108258 most successful ofrepparttar 108259 countries. The tiny island nation is registering Internet Web sites underrepparttar 108260 .nu address for US $25.

By January 2001, after only 18 months as an active TLD, .nu domain usage has swelled, making .nurepparttar 108261 sixteenth most popular domain name inrepparttar 108262 world. The company that maintainsrepparttar 108263 registry, .NU Domain Ltd [], has registered 30,000 .nu domain names, as of January 2001 onrepparttar 108264 Internet, with registrations of .nu domain names more than doubling since then.

As .nu gains recognition, domain name registrars will have an effective way to provide clientsrepparttar 108265 personal, distinct domain names they desire.

And what arerepparttar 108266 benefits for Niue? The island nation is getting 25 per cent ofrepparttar 108267 gross after payment of commissions. The money is being used byrepparttar 108268 Niue Internet Users' Society to provide residents andrepparttar 108269 government with free Internet connections.

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All-time record of domain registrations

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

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Oktober 2004 .de 7.981.014 (Increment compared to one month ago: 89.793) .at 367.987 (Increment compared to one month ago: 4.766) .com 31.017.772 (Increment compared to one month ago: 750.631) .net 4.999.073 (Increment compared to one month ago: 88.952) .org 3.138.385 (Increment compared to one month ago: 37.607) .info 1.919.331 (Increment compared to one month ago: 683.846) .biz 1.041.432 (Increment compared to one month ago: 13.118) .us 881.411 (Increment compared to one month ago: 6.395)

Hans-Peter Oswald

CEO ICANN Registrar Secura

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