An Algorithm to Remove “Hurt” from Pain

Written by Abraham Thomas

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Similarly,repparttar response to an emotion was an algorithmic action. If fear was generated, a deer bounded away. A bird took flight. A fish swam off. But, such escape was hardly possible by heading intorepparttar 149786 predator. An algorithmic intelligence remembered, evaluated and instantly choserepparttar 149787 best of multiple escape routes to increase distance from danger. That region responded to pain, with a massive search for escape routes to avoidrepparttar 149788 pain. While nociceptors selectively reported pain,repparttar 149789 action region generated a powerful drive to escape from it. That algorithmic drive wasrepparttar 149790 “hurt” part of pain. Hypnosis was known to still that drive. A similar result was reported for an older surgical procedure, which cutrepparttar 149791 neural link betweenrepparttar 149792 perception of pain andrepparttar 149793 dynamic response to it. Both treatments had patients reportingrepparttar 149794 disappearance of “hurt.”

Pain was an awful affliction. Chronic pain sufferers had to endure it over extended periods. Physicians recommendedrepparttar 149795 acceptance of pain as a solution. They suggested that a patient's attitude was also critical torepparttar 149796 treatment of pain. But, “acceptance” and “attitude” were difficult concepts. How could one accept continuing pain? How could a subconscious attitude ever be changed? This was where an appreciation of independent algorithmic processes ofrepparttar 149797 mind helped. Practical steps could yield a trusted result. Removerepparttar 149798 “hurt” part,repparttar 149799 distress, of pain. Learning “acceptance” was a worthy endeavor.

The mind hadrepparttar 149800 unique ability to see itself. Across centuries, sages looked inward and recognized their own feelings and thoughts. Inrepparttar 149801 same way, it was also possible to identify your own drives. The key was awareness. And,repparttar 149802 insight that identification was possible. The vital secret ofrepparttar 149803 atomic bomb was just that it was possible. The drive to escape pain was a unique entity. Its operation had recognizable symptoms. By consciously identifying its physical symptoms, a patient could learn to identify it as a distinct mental event. Identifyrepparttar 149804 tensions ofrepparttar 149805 urge to escape, ofrepparttar 149806 impatience, ofrepparttar 149807 desperation. Whenrepparttar 149808 urge was recognized, it vanished. Later, this drive became a familiar entity, which vanished, on recognition. Recognition and practice stilledrepparttar 149809 “hurt” drive. The pain was there, but it did not hurt anymore. Which went on to prove that even “acceptance” could also be an algorithmic process.

Abraham Thomas is the author of The Intuitive Algorithm, a book, which suggests that intuition is a pattern recognition algorithm. The ebook version is available at The book may be purchased only in India. The website, provides a free movie and a walk through to explain the ideas.

Benefits of Alternative Medicine

Written by Ruby Boyd

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But we live in a generation now that has been cut off from this age-old tradition of self-reliance. Healing and health care have become almost--the exclusive province of duly licensed physicians. While doctors and other professionals-are indeed great to have around, what is not so great is when you cannot do anything without them.

Shouldn't we be able to do something to save our health--maybe even our lives--without a doctor?

What happens when medical help is not so readily available?

What happens when doctoring simply does not work?

Some of us go to doctor after doctor, and still no help. Is thatrepparttar end ofrepparttar 149785 line?

While antibiotics have saved millions of lives, they have not really solved some resurgence of germs that are turning up in new forms that do not respond to conventional therapies.

There has been a real shift inrepparttar 149786 way people think about their health. Rising health care cost is a factor inrepparttar 149787 recent surge of interest in alternative medicine. Many people are attracted torepparttar 149788 alternative physicians emphasis on treatingrepparttar 149789 whole person--body, mind and spirit. Most importantly some physicians use intensive counseling to help patients find out whether aspects of their daily lives, such as job stress, marital problems diet or sleeping habits might be behind their symptoms.

In this age of managed care and impersonal group practices patients find this individualized approach of alternative medicine particularly appealing.

One ofrepparttar 149790 principal goals of natural healing is to breakrepparttar 149791 cycle of dependency and allow people to be more in control of their own lives.

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