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If your puppy is going frequently inrepparttar house you are probably not supervising them enough. Watch and learn their cues. If you feel you are watching and your puppy isn't getting it you can always have them checked for a Urinary tract infection.

If your puppy piddles when you greet them, this could be submissive urination. This would be a problem that is usually cured by ignoringrepparttar 149983 behavior and letting your puppy calm down before touching them when you first see them.

This article not only applies to puppies, but it is how you should train a dog of any age. If you can't supervise your dog, please put them in a crate to help curb accidents. Remember, dogs go where they go most!

This can be a trying time, so have patience and you will get through it.

Amy Dunphy, CPDT is the owner and operator of the Dog Trainer Search

The Ethical Responsible puppy Buyer

Written by Pixiedust Papillons & Phalenes

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An ethical, responsible buyer will never askrepparttar question "is this breed good with kids".!! Instead, they will ask themselves "are my children good with pets?"!! If your toddler is an out of control brat, NO ethical breeder of papillons or phalenes will haverepparttar 149948 slightest interest in placing one of their puppies with you! No dog of any breed should be expected to tolerate pain and abuse simply because it is abused by a "child"! And Yes, I have had my own children and they were taught to be kind to animals. And ethical buyer will be honest and say if they are wanting only a pet that they are willing to spay or neuter, or if they have intentions of breeding. Dishonest buyers try to pay a pet price and get a full registered puppy forrepparttar 149949 only reason to breed and charge as much as possible forrepparttar 149950 puppies. Such dishonest buyers want to advertise allrepparttar 149951 workrepparttar 149952 BREEDER did in showing, and health testing, to gainrepparttar 149953 highest price possible and not have any ofrepparttar 149954 expense involved in that showing and health testing ofrepparttar 149955 dog that they bought to breed. If you want to become a breeder, you must be prepared to putrepparttar 149956 same or more time and money into showing and health testing asrepparttar 149957 breeder of your puppy and not try to "get off cheap". A responsible buyer will not need to ask "will a papillon or phalene puppy get along with my current pet"? How can breeders of papillons and phalenes knowrepparttar 149958 temperament particulars of your current pet? It is up to you, as a buyer, to figure out if your current pet will tolerate a newcomer. Most puppies will do well with an established pet, but that does not meanrepparttar 149959 older pet will take to a puppy. And a breeder has no way to know that--only you asrepparttar 149960 buyer can determine if your pet is ready or willing to accept a new playmate. An Ethical buyer will understand that breeders are not vets or trainers. While breeders of papillons and phalenes will have some health and training knowledge related to papillons and phalenes, a breeder will not takerepparttar 149961 place of PAID Professional help whenrepparttar 149962 need arises. Ethical buyers will not expect a breeder of papillons or phalenes to be available 24-7 for advice or "just to talk". Most papillon and phalene breeders love to hear how their puppies are doing inrepparttar 149963 buyer's home. A breeder has responsibility forrepparttar 149964 dogs and puppies they still own and their family and jobs, so expecting them to be at a buyer's beck-and-call is unrealistic at best. Ethical, responsible breeders want ethical responsible buyers. When you are looking for your next puppy , take some time and see if YOU meetrepparttar 149965 requirements to be an ethical buyer.

Pixiedust papillons and Phalenes are premier breeders of show papillons and phalenes dogs and puppies.

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