Amsterdam firm of webwriters reveals how they got their PR-3 listing in Google

Written by Angelique van Engelen

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6) We keep taking outrepparttar keywords:

website content, copywriting, ghostwriting, copywriter, ghostwriter, advertising copy

Result -> Page 3 allrepparttar 105919 web Alta Vista, Hotbot, Lycos and Yahoo

7) Omitting 'ghostwriter' isrepparttar 105920 death blow, inrepparttar 105921 end. This string of words delivers a no ranking in any ofrepparttar 105922 search engines' top three pages:

website content, copywriting, ghostwriting, copywriter

Result -> no pr.

8) Addingrepparttar 105923 ghostwriter again:

website content, copywriting, ghostwriting, ghostwriter

Result -> a page three listing on AltaVista.

9) But when we take outrepparttar 105924 ghostwriter and ghostwriting and leave in most of our keywords, we are still very much loved by hotbot and Lycos Pro,

clicks, writing, website content, copywriting, copywriter, advertising copy

Result -> Page 3 ranking Hotbot and Lycos.

10) Let's put them on a weightloss diet. Not a good idea:

website content, copywriting, copywriter, advertising copy

Result -> no pr

11) So what happens if we enterrepparttar 105925 two hottest keywords just by themselves? Ghostwriter and ghostwriting

Result->no pr.

We can't expect people looking for us to be typing in more than two, atrepparttar 105926 most three keywords. Adding one simple word torepparttar 105927 combination does not alter anything. Website, ghostwriting, ghostwriter yields zero results.

But exchanging website for website content lands us pages 3 again in HotBot and Lycos.

Content copywriter, ghostwriter, also zero returns. And Content writing, copywriting, ghost writing is also not giving us a PR.

So here we go, we now have some idea of where future web traffic and web clients are going to come from. Or at least so we think. Now what can we realistically expect from our wonderful page ranks? We are a copywriting business and ideally want to be seen byrepparttar 105928 advertising agencies that outsource writing to small freelance guys like us. So let´s hunt those down.

They arerepparttar 105929 competition. Let's analyse them some more. It turns out soon that we need to do better to maintainrepparttar 105930 levels of euphoria that are fillingrepparttar 105931 office torepparttar 105932 brim. Marketleap shows us people in advertising with as many links as we have and that are also grouped inrepparttar 105933 category advertising and marketing. Too bad, our nearest competitor is a site named, which does marketing research surveys and its link number is twice as high as ours. It's time to talk some more sense.

So we go back torepparttar 105934 keyword analysis tool at keywordtracker and this is where reality hits home and we begin to understandrepparttar 105935 bigger picture some more. Running each word throughrepparttar 105936 analyser (and actually completing a preliminary competitive analysis in stage 4 ofrepparttar 105937 tool, which is easily missed out on) we begin to be even more bepuzzled.

A total of 18 of our keywords are words that are slightly in demand, one is wrong and three were never requested duringrepparttar 105938 last 60 days (among which our name). Ofrepparttar 105939 keywords that were in demand,repparttar 105940 number of competing sites offering services onrepparttar 105941 basis ofrepparttar 105942 same words in MSN was so high that deviding demand by offer -an equasion that's widely used to determine how valuable a particular keyword actually is- yields very low numbers.

The Keyword Effectiveness Index can be calculated this way for every word that's tracked and here's a quick overview of our keywords' effectiveness inrepparttar 105943 MSN search engine. A keyword term like ´editing services´, attracted queries from 35 people overrepparttar 105944 last 60 days. That in itself is quite low, we think, but aside from this fact, companies that are listed under these keywords, our competition, amount to 35,124. The two numbers yield a KEI ratio of 0.206% for 'editing services, which indicates it is a search term not highly rated.

KEI ratios of below 10% are deemed not interesting competitionwise and are certainly not advisable to purchase, sayrepparttar 105945 advertising gurus. Anything over 10% is beginning to be interesting and when you are beginning to nearrepparttar 105946 top percentile, 400, you´re likely generating massive traffic numbers.

Not any ofrepparttar 105947 KEI ratios were above 3.5%. Lucky for us that we are inrepparttar 105948 top rankings even thoughrepparttar 105949 above gobbledegook is not really shedding any light onrepparttar 105950 matter so far. What's more worrying, is that we still have got to seerepparttar 105951 traffic coming. Seven guests yesterday, and that´s pretty standard sincerepparttar 105952 site´s inception (....why lie?)

And not being able to incorporaterepparttar 105953 effectrepparttar 105954 high rankings are likely to have onrepparttar 105955 KEI in any measure accurately, we somewhat remain inrepparttar 105956 dark about just exactly how popular we will be, DESPITE OUR HIGH RANKING. Withrepparttar 105957 demand forrepparttar 105958 individual keywords onrepparttar 105959 low side and competition overly present, our traffic numbers are most likely not going to be blowingrepparttar 105960 pan out any time soon.

Quick daily scans ofrepparttar 105961 number of visitors with devices like have confirmed this assumption so far. Even if of allrepparttar 105962 5,000 or so queries people type in using our combined keywords over two month periods, contentclix managed to attract doublerepparttar 105963 KEI ratio, this would still only mean traffic streams to our site of atrepparttar 105964 most 30 visitors atrepparttar 105965 most in a time span of 2 months.

Perhaps we´re bad losers, but we are starting to haterepparttar 105966 boyz at wordtracker!

Most search engines that offer keyword buying run similar services although it's not really 100% clear ifrepparttar 105967 keywords included concern queries for find free services or paid for listings.

We have yet to see what difference it makes for us to have a PR and we'd be more than happy to update you on our progress!

Forrepparttar 105968 time being, all we can attributerepparttar 105969 rankings to is our outstanding work. There is no other explanation, folks. Line uprepparttar 105970 work!

Angelique van Engelen runs, an Amsterdam based freelance copywriting agency. She has lived and worked in the Middle East and London for over six years before returning to her home country, the Netherlands. She specialises in writing sales copy, feature articles and research reports.

When optimising your site to reach customers more effectively, why not improve on what professional search engine specialists do?

Written by Angelique van Engelen

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There are two good ways you can check how accessible your website is. Simply downloadrepparttar Lynx browser to see if you can successfully access all your pages and downloadrepparttar 105918 Opera browser and follow their instructions to enhanced accessibility. Good SEOs focus on a few standard setting organisations’ guidelines, which are complex systems of rules on unifying coding. What SEOs make sure of is that users from other languages and cultures, and users of differing age groups are not excluded from your site because of some silly technical hiccups. Where an SEO says he’s making allrepparttar 105919 difference for his clients is that he has numerous checklists to make sure your business in whatever location or segment it is, is optimised. He likely will market his services saying that he will make your site more localised than your competition.

There is a lot of scepticism onrepparttar 105920 strategies in use here and it remains to be seen whether better accessible local business site optimisation will actually translate into tangible higher Return on Investment numbers. Local search appears to be performing well for national advertisers seeking to segment markets. The local dry cleaner however doesn't have (or probably need) a Web site sorepparttar 105921 lead is not accurately tracked, andrepparttar 105922 value remains doubtful. Don’t buy into it until you see results from comparable segments torepparttar 105923 one you are in!

All lists SEO’s use to make sure your site is technically kosher are likely variations in one form or another ofrepparttar 105924 lengthy, prioritised in-depth checkpoints published byrepparttar 105925 World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding ofrepparttar 105926 web. It can be found here: It is not deemed 100% fool proof, but it’s said to be Google-proof. The checklist consists of general, common-sense priorities that designers and programmers must take heed of. The bulk ofrepparttar 105927 checkpoints are likely issues you’ve comply with for years already, but it’s always good to see if there’s anything new. It could give you that edge overrepparttar 105928 competition you need!

Search engines increasingly take their lead from Google and use hyper linked text for relevancy so checking that your links make sense allrepparttar 105929 time is not a luxury but incremental for your business. Some SEOs will run software that check that if a hyperlink is removed fromrepparttar 105930 text –something that easily happens in forms- and determine whether it still makes sense inrepparttar 105931 general context of your site. An SEO would replace a simple hyperlinked word like ‘more’, with a more descriptive term such as ‘more news and events’, or similar. You getrepparttar 105932 idea here.

Source code in general is also quite important. Again, w3 setsrepparttar 105933 standard and you can run your site through their validator tool ( to get it analysed to see if search engine spiders/robots have any problems splitting your content/page into sections before indexing it – e.g. header, metadata tags, headings, normal text, etc. Ifrepparttar 105934 spider has difficulty in calculatingrepparttar 105935 structure of your code, some ofrepparttar 105936 text could be misclassified or omitted. Find out and optimise!

Angelique van Engelen runs, an Amsterdam based freelance copywriting agency. She has lived and worked in the Middle East and London for over six years before returning to her home country, the Netherlands. Aside from web content, she specialises in writing sales copy, feature articles and research reports.

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