America We have a Problem

Written by Shirley deLong

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think “THEIR WAY” isrepparttar only way our children learn! Guess What, Folks, it’s not working and never will! This is definitely notrepparttar 105438 answer. We are raising a society of children that cannot carry an intelligent conversation. Our children are going to be left with a debt that can never be repaid because they lack a common sense education; therefore, all property taxes must be eliminated. We can put our children in Private or Home Schools. This isrepparttar 105439 only way to raise future Americans. They’ll learnrepparttar 105440 basic skills, morals, values, and principles, that will get them through life. Our Children and Grandchildren need role models not “idols”, “cell” phones, “internet and computers”, “tv’s, dvd’s, etc”. Could this be why drugs and suicide are onrepparttar 105441 rise?

Shirley deLong Jamestown, NC 336-454-5040

Artist,Activist,Environmentalist. Author of several published articles.


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