America's Assassinations

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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In fact financial cronyism and BCCI as well asrepparttar Savings and Loan crisis are all part of why Prescott Bush wanted JFK out ofrepparttar 145692 picture I suspect. In very recent days (2004) there were documents de-classified which show an even more gruesome picture ofrepparttar 145693 Bush involvement in fundingrepparttar 145694 Nazis and some even suggest George Bush was directly involved in managingrepparttar 145695 profits from slave labor at Auschwitz. There are some survivors takingrepparttar 145696 Bush people to court for this. (1) Is it possible that JFK knew enough to stop some of these dealings and was going to come clean as well as endrepparttar 145697 Cold War which was arranged to further benefitrepparttar 145698 Military-Industrial Complex and Merovingian intrigues? Nixon was brought torepparttar 145699 political stage by Prescott Bush but Nixon was also in Dallas onrepparttar 145700 fateful day Kennedy was assassinated. Was Nixon getting a reward?

The involvement of John Foster Dulles (Warren Commission) and his brother Allen (CIA and Rat Lines)seems to suggest a very definite concern on their part about what Kennedy might expose. Knight Woolley was a Skull and Bones member withrepparttar 145701 Bushes and Dulles family and he writes these telling words aboutrepparttar 145702 Brown Bros. Harriman involvements which included Thyssen and Auschwitz. “The Consolidated Silesian Steel Company situation has become increasingly complicated, and I have accordingly brought in Sullivan and Cromwell, in order to be sure that our interests are protected," wrote Knight. "After studyingrepparttar 145703 situation Foster Dulles is insisting that their man in Berlin get intorepparttar 145704 picture and obtainrepparttar 145705 information whichrepparttar 145706 directors here should have. You will recall that Foster is a director and he is particularly anxious to be certain that there is no liability attaching torepparttar 145707 American directors."

The American investors and businesses like IBM who recently had to own up to tracking Jews forrepparttar 145708 Nazis to put them intorepparttar 145709 Concentration Camps were treated with special interest by Hitler. Is this because he wanted America to joinrepparttar 145710 war on his side? You should ask many other questions and try to understand why America and FDR gave Stalin more than 50,000,000 Eastern Europeans afterrepparttar 145711 war as well asrepparttar 145712 Cossacks onrepparttar 145713 side of Germany who fought against that genocidal maniac.


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Wells Fargo Phishing Scam

Written by Kevin A. Lloyd

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Checkrepparttar address bar. In this case,repparttar 145004 address bar reported thatrepparttar 145005 website was also fromrepparttar 145006 scammer’s IP address. Simply put, it did not say Very seldom would a scammer be able to fake this. They may, however, employ other tricks like buying a domain name with a slight spelling difference thatrepparttar 145007 user might not notice or by simply loadingrepparttar 145008 link in a new window and hidingrepparttar 145009 address bar altogether.

Lastly,repparttar 145010 only full proof method to avoid becoming a victim to a scam like this is to simply call in and verifyrepparttar 145011 information overrepparttar 145012 phone. Please note; do not use a phone number inrepparttar 145013 email if one is given. Open up your phone book and locaterepparttar 145014 number for your firm and ask them about it.

Just remember, if it looks funny and feels funny, it’s probably a scam. Do not ever reply to such email messages for personal information as sensitive as account information and SSN.

Below is a copy ofrepparttar 145015 email message for your review and amusement. The link is active, however DO NOT ENTER ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION INTO THESE FORMS. THIS IS NOT WELLSFARO’S SITE.

Kevin. A. Lloyd.

From: Personal Banking < > To: Date: Jun 2, 2005 2:22 PM Subject: Security Notice #291240 Wells Fargo Internet Banking account Update Necesary! Dear Member,

We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that your Wells Fargo Internet Banking account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party. Protectingrepparttar 145016 security of your acount and ofrepparttar 145017 Wells Fargo network is our primary concern. Therefore, as a preventative measure, we have temporarily limited access to sensitive account features. To restore your account access, please takerepparttar 145018 following steps to ensure that your account has not been compromised:

1. Login to your Wells Fargo Internet Banking account. In case you are not enrolled for Internet Banking, you will have to use your Social Security Number as both your Personal ID and Password and fill in allrepparttar 145019 required information, including your name and account number. 2. Review your recent account history for any unauthorized withdrawls or deposits, and check your account profile to make sure not changes have been made. If any unauthorized activity has taken p! la ce on your account, report this to Wells Fargo staff immediately.

To get started, please click onrepparttar 145020 link below:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your assistance in helping us maintainrepparttar 145021 integrity ofrepparttar 145022 entire Wells Fargo system. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Sincerly, The Wells Fargo Team

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