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Written by Haakon Rian Ueland

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What shows up once this is done looks like a simplified version of Microsoft Word. No clutter and no unnecessary features, though, onlyrepparttar basics such as different fonts/boldface/italics and so on. A feature not found in Word isrepparttar 129414 calendar. Onrepparttar 129415 left side ofrepparttar 129416 display you seerepparttar 129417 days ofrepparttar 129418 month, with today marked in bold. As you type,repparttar 129419 built-in spellchecker checks your spelling.

The genius of TJ shows up when you start itrepparttar 129420 next day. You start on a new, blank page - you can still access what you wrote yesterday, but it is in read-only mode (you can edit if you wish).

To me, this allows for a much more natural writing process - it flows, since I only glance through yesterday's entry before I start writing. In addition torepparttar 129421 journal-feature, you have a notebook which stays static. I use this for noting down things I must research, ideas on situations and such.

To give you an impression of how different people use TJ, I have takenrepparttar 129422 liberty of copying some testimonials from its webpage:

"I'm an independent programmer, and I've used The Journal for almost three years now to keep up with my projects on a day-by-day basis. My clients are consistently amazed when I can quickly tell themrepparttar 129423 exact date we made a particular decision or software change, and allrepparttar 129424 factors we were considering atrepparttar 129425 time. The Journal has greatly increased my professional effectiveness and is second-to-none!" --Bill D. Pirkle

"I am a note-taker by profession (University teacher and literary critic) as well as compulsion, and routinely use several free-form databases in order to keep track of references, quotations, and (when they come) ideas. These programs are very useful for their purpose, but do not encourage one to enter random thoughts or log personal and domestic events on a daily basis. The Journal enables one to do just that, and you are to be congratulated for having maderepparttar 129426 program so straightforward, transparent, and atrepparttar 129427 same time elegant in its operation. It isrepparttar 129428 kind of program that nobody knows they need until they've tried it, whereupon it becomes indispensable." --David Lucking

As you can see, TJ can be used in various ways. The fact thatrepparttar 129429 programmer, David Michael, has added easy to use backup-features, a thesaurus and extensive printing-options makes this a true winner.

You can download a 45 days trial ofrepparttar 129430 Journal at hejournal/ . I am certain that you will become just as addicted to it as I am, and that you will be happy to fork over $40 oncerepparttar 129431 trial is over.

Haakon is the editor of SmartWare, a Mensa International Journal-column. He reviews books, software, new-age-stuff, brainwave-machines, music that changes emotions, creativity boosters and marketing material. Visit at

Multiple Income Streams: avoiding Starving Artist Syndrome

Written by Angela Booth

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=>The goal of Multiple Income Streams: passive income

The goal of all this busy-beavering is passive income. That is, work that brings you in cash long after you've completed it. If you're a writer or artist, this is books that you've written that are bringing in royalties, or that you're selling on your own Web site. If you're a photographer, it's stock photos you've licensed that bring you in fees whenever anyone uses them. If you're a Web designer, it's hosting clients' Web sites.

The big benefit ofrepparttar creative life is being able to license your products. If you're just selling your time, your income is limited byrepparttar 129412 time you have to sell, and you'll always be pushing forrepparttar 129413 next project, hoping that it's a long one at a good hourly rate.

Think "intellectual property" and "products" andrepparttar 129414 picture changes. Imagine if you create one product every few months, and sell one copy of that product each week. The more products you create,repparttar 129415 more you'd be selling, andrepparttar 129416 more $$$ you'd have coming in.

=>Actively look for Multiple Income Streams

The world is changing fast. Most ofrepparttar 129417 jobs around today weren't in existence a decade ago. Actively looking for your own Multiple Income Streams means that you won't be blindsided if your current work dries up for whatever reason.

Here's how to recognize a new Income Stream that's right for you:

* it gets you enthusiastic;

* you feel you can do it right now, or with some practise or training;

* it has a market.

Developing Multiple Income Streams takes time, energy and talent, and you've got that. Get started today.

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