Always think positive if you want positive results

Written by Stephen Hill

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I listened and thought about what he had said. I had never been a big reader or watcher ofrepparttar news, but decided to start. The advice was totally correct,repparttar 148883 news from aroundrepparttar 148884 world and even my own country was quite shocking. I realised thatrepparttar 148885 worries I had were actually quite trivial and that I needed to cherish everyday and start to look onrepparttar 148886 bright side of life.

Stephen Hill

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Aging and Physical Frailty-Can It Be Helped?

Written by Vincent R. Moloney MD

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The most effective way to optimize our physical abilities is a program of strengthening and toningrepparttar main muscle groups and other faculties including balance, coordination, reflexes, etc. Most people can walk so do this as steadily as possible for 30 to 45 minutes a day. Window-shopping won't do it. This can be broken into two or three segments and still providerepparttar 148882 benefits. (Incidentally, weight- bearing exercise also retards osteoporosis. Sorry, swimmers.) Those who can could substitute dancing, tennis, handball, shooting baskets or other similar activities. (My favorite for mature folks? Dancing!) These latter haverepparttar 148883 added benefit of further enhancing coordination, reflexes, balance, etc., due to their start-and-stop and direction- changing nature. Don't forget,repparttar 148884 benefit is proportional torepparttar 148885 effort. (Check with your doctor first.)

Add some weight lifting for upper body strength as this is easily accomplished with dumbells. This entire program should be on a daily basis, trying to average six days a week. With real commitmentrepparttar 148886 serious frailty can be postponed well into old age and with attention torepparttar 148887 other factorsrepparttar 148888 risk of serious injury minimized. Yes, it is work and sometimes uncomfortable but what really good thing comes to us without paying full measure? (Inrepparttar 148889 author's case, double.)

When you are in good shape (for your age) this isrepparttar 148890 benefit that is realized:

You are less likely to slip or stumble. If you do stumble you are less likely to fall. If you do fall you are less likely to be hurt. If you are hurt it is less likely to be serious. If it is serious you will recover faster and your recovery will be more complete.

That's a pretty nice benefit. In addition you feel more energetic, want to do more things and best of all, are able to do them!

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Dr. Moloney retired from Family Practice several years ago but has retained his lifelong interest in music and teaching. He has written a book explaining and simplifying music. http:/

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