Always Wear Sunscreen

Written by Gary Gresham

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3. Wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes and head.

4. Stay inrepparttar shade as much as you can.

5. Be aware of places that reflectrepparttar 148684 sun back on you, like pool water.

6. Wear loose fitting clothes that allow your skin to breathe but protect you fromrepparttar 148685 damaging rays ofrepparttar 148686 sun.

7. Be especially careful with children, apply sunscreen protection often and limit their sun exposure.

Commit yourself to a lifetime of healthy skin by developing good habits in skin care and teach your children aboutrepparttar 148687 importance of taking care of their skin.

The overall effects ofrepparttar 148688 sun can damage your skin but remembering to always wear sunscreen is one of your best defenses in preventing it from happening to you.

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Talking Money with Your Doctor: Drugs and Tests for Less

Written by Gary Cordingley

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In repeating this process with different pharmacies you will discover there can be quite a spread among even nearby drugstores. Suppose that your ten minutes onrepparttar phone saves you $20 on your prescription. Then you have just earned money at a rate of $120 per hour each month for your efforts. It is time well spent.

Cost-consciousness is also valuable when it comes to medical tests. Ifrepparttar 148663 cost of a medical test is prohibitive (as is oftenrepparttar 148664 case) and you don't haverepparttar 148665 luxury of letting someone else pay for it, then encourage your doctor to talk through your alternatives with you. Doesrepparttar 148666 same test cost less at one facility than at another? How important isrepparttar 148667 test? What could go wrong if you skip it, delay it or substitute a less expensive test? What arerepparttar 148668 chances of a serious repercussion?

Unfortunately, your doctor usually has less latitude when cost-optimizing your medical tests, but what could it hurt to ask? You might be glad you did.

And how about optimizingrepparttar 148669 doctor's fee? This is also a fair topic for discussion. When you are considering an appointment with a new doctor it is certainly appropriate to ask for typical fees. However, inrepparttar 148670 current U.S. medical marketplace,repparttar 148671 doctor's time is usuallyrepparttar 148672 least expensive component of medical care. The doctor's fee is usually much less thanrepparttar 148673 costs of medications and tests. So while it is perfectly reasonable to shop around for affordable doctor fees, when it comes to choosing a doctor, quality issues should come first.

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