Altinkum Property Boom - It's Time to Start Living the Life You've Imagined

Written by Laura Bower - Turquoise Homes

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The local investment is seeing a major return. Apartments and villas are realising a year-on-year increase of as much as 30 percent, and two bedroom apartments which were available in 2000 for £6,000 are now asking upwards of £25,000. The area has seen its first sale of a single property over £200,000, and while this is still remarkably cheap to European eyes, it marks a major achievement for Altinkum, posting its entrance intorepparttar same league as Bodrum and Fethiye, which have been established property hotspots for many years.

Altinkumís future is assured. The once-seasonal holiday town, deserted in winter by all but a few, now has a wealth of full-time expat residents. The more confident restaurateurs are staying too, providing excellent food and a place to meet throughoutrepparttar 150543 winter. The biggest hotel in Altinkum held its first New Yearís Eve party this year, and next year promises a yet larger crowd to please as more and more buyers takerepparttar 150544 plunge and choose Turkey for Christmas.

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Laura Bower is originally from South-West London and following an idyllic surburban upbringing was educated at the University of Manchester. She currently lives and works in Altinkum in Turkey, where she enjoys a beautiful sea view from her office window. Laura is most proud of her english winter-white tan that bears witness to her dedication to her work - copywriting and designing content for the website of an Altinkum-based real estate agency.

Beautiful Vancouver, City of the Sea & Mountains

Written by Clint Leung

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Back in downtown Vancouver,repparttar Gastown district is one ofrepparttar 150482 top tourist areas for boutique shopping and souvenirs. Donít missrepparttar 150483 steam clock that rings onrepparttar 150484 hour. Vancouver has one ofrepparttar 150485 largest Asian communities in North America sorepparttar 150486 Chinatown nearby as expected has some ofrepparttar 150487 best dim sum luncheons outside of Hong Kong. Further boutique shopping can be found inrepparttar 150488 Yaletown and Granville Island districts.

If time permits, one ofrepparttar 150489 recommended day trips to do out of Vancouver is to drive uprepparttar 150490 Sea & Sky highway to Whistler, one of North Americaís largest ski resorts. Duringrepparttar 150491 off ski season, Whistler is all season resort with many activities such as hiking, biking, festivities and shopping inrepparttar 150492 village. A ride uprepparttar 150493 gondola here will enable visitors to get a birdís eye view ofrepparttar 150494 majestic Canadian Rockies mountain range. The drive itself to Whistler, about two and a half hours alongrepparttar 150495 coastline, offers many wonderful scenic points as well.

Vancouver is a great city to visit as one can really see how a major city can still be in very scenic surroundings. For those coming to Vancouver asrepparttar 150496 departure port of a cruise to either Hawaii or Alaska, it is highly recommended to allocate at least a full day before or afterrepparttar 150497 cruise to see whatrepparttar 150498 city has to offer. As I mentioned before, on a sunny day withrepparttar 150499 sea on one side andrepparttar 150500 mountains onrepparttar 150501 other, Vancouver is really hard to beat.

Clint Leung is owner of Free Spirit Gallery , an online gallery specializing in Inuit Eskimo and Northwest Native American art including carvings, sculpture and prints. Free Spirit Gallery has numerous information resource articles with photos of authentic Inuit and Native Indian art as well as free eCards.

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