Alternative Energy Series Fast Burn Conversion

Written by Ed Howes

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We never want to fill our fuel tank to filler nozzle shut off, as that would give us a minimal surface area from which to vaporize our fuel and our mixture could then be too lean to run our engine. However, if one wanted to build a vapor chamber and install it aboverepparttar top ofrepparttar 127613 fuel tank and filler tube, there might not be much difference whenrepparttar 127614 tank is overfilled. One thing we definitely want to avoid is liquid fuel in our vapor supply line. Though it is unlikelyrepparttar 127615 liquid fuel would reachrepparttar 127616 carburetor,repparttar 127617 more it wetrepparttar 127618 vapor supply line,repparttar 127619 richerrepparttar 127620 mixture would be atrepparttar 127621 carburetor.

I envisioned a tri Y air bubbler onrepparttar 127622 fuel tank floor, to evenly distribute air inrepparttar 127623 tank. The line connecting torepparttar 127624 old fuel supply line, insiderepparttar 127625 tank would split into two equal length lines ofrepparttar 127626 same diameter from a Y or T connector. The two lines are then split into two more equal length tubes (fuel proof, of course) and porous air bubblers to make small bubbles moving throughrepparttar 127627 fuel. This would give us a richer mixture atrepparttar 127628 fuel supply line, than a single tube with no air diffusers. I would terminate my air supply lines with those bronze fuel filters many carburetors used just ahead ofrepparttar 127629 needle and seat assembly atrepparttar 127630 end ofrepparttar 127631 supply line. Short term tests I did several years ago showed thatrepparttar 127632 ceramic bubbler filter for fish aquariums gave very fine air bubbles and did not seriously deteriorate in gasoline. They were not very expensive.

I can only guess at supply line sizes. My guess is thatrepparttar 127633 filtered air supply line need be no more than a quarter inch ID. The vapor supply line probably needs to be no greater than three eighths inch ID.

These arerepparttar 127634 basics of a cold vapor, fast burn fuel system. I would expect improvements to come rapidly following road testing. When we knowrepparttar 127635 typical optimum spark timing and air/fuel mixtures, we can apply this knowledge to small engines with fixed spark timing, like lawn mowers, snow blowers and electrical power generators.

My expectations of fast burn performance is between two and three horsepower per cubic inch displacement, which would make fast burn conversionrepparttar 127636 best power bang forrepparttar 127637 dollar. No other modification can come close in dollar costs. Under most racing rules, fast burn would be legal forrepparttar 127638 allowed fuel and add more power than supercharging or nitrous oxide injection. Yet, these power boosters will add a lot more power to a fast burn engine than to a slow burn engine. Hence,repparttar 127639 fast burn conversion will out perform slow burn by a wide margin, regardless of class allowed modifications. The fast burn conversion can also be camouflaged to look stock by plumbingrepparttar 127640 supply line through a non functional fuel pump.

As to economy, Charles Pogue exceeded 200 MPG with his hot vapor, 37 V-8 Ford, which would rarely yield 20 MPG in slow burn configuration. Uniform cold vapor might have allowed him to achieverepparttar 127641 300 MPG economy he was shooting for, while more than doubling stock power output. When fast burn conversions become common, performance and economy contests will lead to rapid improvements inrepparttar 127642 very simple technology.

As to emissions, if we are consuming less than 10% ofrepparttar 127643 fuel per mile driven, emissions will be less than 10% ofrepparttar 127644 slow burn equivalent. Burning 100% ofrepparttar 127645 fuel on a shortened power stroke, will further dramatically reduce emissions, probably to less than 5% of slow burn engines. In addition,repparttar 127646 much higher power outputs of fast burn engines allows engine downsizing. A 300 cu. in. slow burn engine can be replaced with a 140 cu. in. fast burn engine and still provide a power increase. Economy is improved, along with emissions. Big cars and trucks Americans favor, in fast burn configuration will easily exceed hybrid electric cars in economy and reduced emissions, as well as power. Onrepparttar 127647 other hand, a fast burn hybrid could top 400 MPG if we want to go that far.

I would love to hear from any individuals or groups already doing fast burn conversions and learn what they have learned. Whilerepparttar 127648 piston engine has had a bad rap for efficiency due torepparttar 127649 liquid fuel systems,repparttar 127650 Tesla Turbine, seldom used as a combustion engine, can be built as a very lightweight, compact, multi stage, supercharged, exhaust scavenged 30 horsepower per pound, fast burn engine. The Tesla Turbine with only one moving part is cheap and easy to manufacture in a small machine shop. The turbine requires no drive train exceptrepparttar 127651 connection torepparttar 127652 drive wheels. No gear reductions, instant tire spinning torque and instant rotational reversal for engine braking. Stay tuned for more onrepparttar 127653 potential of this remarkable engine, developed early inrepparttar 127654 20th Century and virtually ignored by industry ever since, except for vastly superior pumps.

Freelance writer published on many websites and newspapers.

Human Origins

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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These wouldn't be technological. Perhapsrepparttar saddest aspect ofrepparttar 127612 whole story isrepparttar 127613 slow loss of technology it implies. Ebu Gogo seems to have been a descendent of Homo erectus, also known as Java man, who reachedrepparttar 127614 island about 840,000 years ago. This was almost certainly something that required boats, which seem a pretty human-level technology.

But because Flores is so far from anywhere that only boat-users or very strong swimmers - like elephants - can reach it,repparttar 127615 mammals there seem to have shrunk to cope withrepparttar 127616 lack of food. The tiny hominids hunted a race of dwarf elephants, and ate for preference their babies, whose charred bones have been found inrepparttar 127617 cave. So they had fire once. They had tools, too; and presumably language. But their brains had shrunk to a quarter ofrepparttar 127618 size of ours.

The Ebu Gogo recorded byrepparttar 127619 villagers had forgotten what language was for; they used no tools, and ate their food raw. At some stage, perhaps, their brains had shrunk so much that they were no longer truly human. The moral seems hard to escape. What makes us human is not our moral qualities. Ultimately, it's a question of getting enough to eat to growrepparttar 127620 brains that are big enough for morality - and, indeed, genocide. * Andrew Brown isrepparttar 127621 author of The Darwin Wars: The Scientific War forrepparttar 127622 Soul of Man and Inrepparttar 127623 Beginning Wasrepparttar 127624 Worm: Findingrepparttar 127625 Secrets of Life in a Tiny Hermaphrodite. He also maintains a weblog,repparttar 127626 Helmintholog ( (1)

The day after I postedrepparttar 127627 above I found that science now proves mamals were not only living far longer ago than we thought but they were evolved enough to be eating small dinosaurs. This makes it possible to speculate about an even older cultured mammal on earth as well asrepparttar 127628 probability that earlier hominids were more evolved than we thought. guest expert Enchanted Spirit Press columnist Author of Diverse Druids

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