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Written by Ed Howes

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It has never beenrepparttar case that piston engines are inefficient and they could serve us very well intorepparttar 127615 Twenty Second Century as soon as we deep six their liquid, slow burn fuel systems. The reasons Charles Pogue never realizedrepparttar 127616 tremendous power potential of his fast burn, 200 mile per gallon Ford sedan, was likely two things. The hot gasoline vapor made with exhaust system heat and inappropriate spark timing for an engine that requiredrepparttar 127617 spark to come about eighty crank degrees later thanrepparttar 127618 timing it had as a slow burn factory engine. Combustion performance enthusiastsrepparttar 127619 world over, knowrepparttar 127620 coldest, densest air/fuel mixture makesrepparttar 127621 best power. These people can also understand that making peak cylinder pressures whenrepparttar 127622 piston is nearrepparttar 127623 top ofrepparttar 127624 power stroke, only tries to pushrepparttar 127625 crankshaft out ofrepparttar 127626 engine, ontorepparttar 127627 ground - wasted energy like standing onrepparttar 127628 bicycle pedal atrepparttar 127629 very top.

What we want is cold vapor fuel which is much more easily created than Charlesí exhaust heated fuel. The secret isrepparttar 127630 vaporizing power of vacuum. Success in cold vaporizing has been demonstrated by radio frequency vaporizing chambers. Butrepparttar 127631 piston engine operates on a vacuum system. Inrepparttar 127632 days of carburetors, vacuum drew inrepparttar 127633 air torepparttar 127634 engineís cylinders and meteredrepparttar 127635 fuel fairly accurately by means of that same vacuum and simple mechanical adjustments to fuel flow.

Modern electronic fuel injection is perhapsrepparttar 127636 most expensive incremental improvement to slow burn technology inrepparttar 127637 Twentieth Century. It served multiple purposes. It exchanged a good, simple system, with a slightly better complex system. Computer controls took auto repair out ofrepparttar 127638 realm of backyard mechanics and restricted it to $50 - 70 per hour service centers - a great big bonus forrepparttar 127639 auto service industry and a big expense torepparttar 127640 do -it -yourselfer.

I am no combustion engineer, nor do I wish to become one. I can only say I intuitively expect two horsepower per cubic inch displacement on any four stroke spark engine modified for cold vapor fuel, using an appropriately sized carburetor as would be done on a slow burn engine.

I further expect that a performance modification that would increaserepparttar 127641 power of a slow burn engine by fifty percent, will increaserepparttar 127642 power of a fast burn engine by sixty to one hundred per cent. Allrepparttar 127643 common power boosting practices work on fast burn engines better than slow burn. Compression ratios are not critical asrepparttar 127644 octane of pure vapor is up around 110. A 12 to one compression ratio would be about 9 to 1 at 45 degrees after top dead center, whenrepparttar 127645 spark would occur at full power. While misfire can occur as often as 3 - 4 cycles per hundred on a new V-8 engine, misfires would be very rare with fast burn engines due torepparttar 127646 lower compression at ignition andrepparttar 127647 evenness of a lean air/vapor mixture. The fast burn engine may be supercharged with a draw through carburetor producingrepparttar 127648 vacuum to operate a fresh air bubbler atrepparttar 127649 bottom ofrepparttar 127650 fuel tank. If a richer vapor is desired inrepparttar 127651 bubbler, a racing fuel cell can be used, packed with fuel cell foam, greatly increasingrepparttar 127652 surface area exposed to liquid fuel, vacuum will readily vaporize. Large metal fuel tanks should be reinforced top and bottom by epoxying bar stock or angle stock, so they do not collapse under vacuum.

Lastly, I would like to mention that fast burn technology is a multi fuel system. With a little experimenting and fine tuning of mixture and spark, a fast burn engine can burn gasoline, alcohol, diesel, kerosene, vegetable oil, propane and liquefied natural gas. The fuel withrepparttar 127653 greatest latent energy per pound will deliverrepparttar 127654 best performance andrepparttar 127655 least powerful fuel will deliver very adequate performance. If you are anxious to try a fast burn conversion, please read my Fast Burn Conversion essay for tips and details for a safe conversion. HereĎs to big, clean, cheap power forrepparttar 127656 new age!

Freelance writer published on many websites and newspapers.

Alternative Energy Series Water - The Perfect Fuel

Written by Ed Howes

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Engineers forge ahead building hydrogen fuel cells. These cells apparently generate electricity by recombining hydrogen and oxygen. This means that hydrox will not be suitable as fuel cell fuel. However, simple electrolysis costs little more to collectrepparttar two gasses separately and send them torepparttar 127614 appropriate ports ofrepparttar 127615 fuel cell. Thus, water can power these fuel cells as easily as combustion engines of many types, including jet and rocket engines. It is also likely from basic chemistry that steam is more easily electrolyzed than liquid water. Temperature rises speed chemical reactions. Steam is quite easy to create with combustion engines, which arerepparttar 127616 space heaters forrepparttar 127617 great outdoors.

I often wonder why greenhouse gasses are so readily blamed for global warming, while billions of super space heaters are seldom accused of much contribution. Fuel cells would be a fine solution to all this combustion heat. How many volcanoes would we need to equalrepparttar 127618 heat of transportation every day? Are we not burning uprepparttar 127619 planet one day at a time especially forrepparttar 127620 sake of corporate profit? Why do we so willingly playrepparttar 127621 game of donít blame me, I just do as Iím told?

When water is our fuel,repparttar 127622 environment does not suffer crisis when a spill occurs on a highway, an ocean or a storage container ruptures. When water is our fuel, old ships can run aground, break up in a storm and not destroy hundreds of miles of coastline and wildlife environment. When water is our fuel, cars do not burst into flame during rear end collisions. The great betrayers of humanity have known what I am saying for more than a hundred years, and donít want us to have water power. Is it not time for some changes? Shall we choke ourselves and our children for corporate profits? What is our reward?

Hydrogen and hydrox are both gaseous fast burn fuels, just as vaporized alcohol, gasoline and diesel; except even faster burning with much greater power potential, also producingrepparttar 127623 usual oxides of nitrogen, unless in fact such oxides mostly form in slow burn engines due torepparttar 127624 long burn time. In this case we can expect greatly reduced oxides of nitrogen with water fuel, as well. When we make water fuel at home we can operate stoves and heaters and combustion or fuel cell electric generators and make electricity for a few pennies per kilowatt. Do you imaginerepparttar 127625 electric utilities will be happy they do not need to purchase more generating capacity? Will they want us to supply them at wholesale prices? Could developing countries adopt water power and internet connections to vault ahead torepparttar 127626 21st Century? Is clean, cheap power a huge threat to allrepparttar 127627 traditional power? Of course it is. That is whyrepparttar 127628 science savior has not provided us with this miracle ofrepparttar 127629 19th Century. How does it feel to be one or two centuries behind existing technology? Is it not shameful and embarrassing? Humiliating?

The corporate scientists, engineers and energy experts will continue telling us it is impossible to make hydrogen as cheaply as some garage and basement scientists and engineers have been doing for decades. The sad thing is we will just say OK, we believe you. There is no such thing as conspiracy except inrepparttar 127630 mind of radicals.

Freelance writer published on many websites and newspapers.

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