Almost Pasta Primavera Recipe

Written by Debbie

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to keep warm; set aside. Saute garlic in margarine in a small saucepan; remove from heat. Add milk cheese buter flavoring and seasonings to saucepan. Cook over low heat stirring constantly until mixture is hot (do not boil). Spoon cheese mixture over vegetable mixture tossing gently. Food Exchanges per serving: 1 food exchange + some free vegetables 1/2 high-fat meat + 1/2 fat exchanges.... {I found this onrepparttar cooking echo it sounded sooo good! It may be worth trying out as soon as I can convience "Bert" that squash is good for you and yours.;-) which isrepparttar 113167 reason why I put it in my diabetic recipes file} Yields 6 servings (about 77 calories 4.5 grams protein 2.5 grams fat 10.3 grams carbohydrate 7 milligrams cholesterol 171 milligrams sodium and 331 milligrams potassium per serving). Source: "Southern Living: 1986 Annual Recipes" Oxmoor House 1986. Shared by: June Hoffman 7/93

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Whine and Dine?!

Written by Candice Barrigher

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is to involverepparttar guests inrepparttar 113166 execution of an event. This may include activities such as: cooking easy dishes together (individual pizzas, panini sandwiches, fruit salad...), asking your guests to wear accessories or ensembles keeping in tune with a predetermined theme (leis to a luau, feather boas to a 1920's art deco -themed party...), or, inviting your guests to participate in a potluck. Entertaining is one ofrepparttar 113167 most wonderful ways to showrepparttar 113168 people that you love and care for just how much you do. It is also an excellent way to express creativity and individuality. Although it may seem like a daunting task initially,repparttar 113169 more you do it,repparttar 113170 better you become at it.

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