Allergy-free Wedding Flowers

Written by Thomas Ogren

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Camellias: Camellias come in bright white, red, or pink colors and few flowers are more beautiful than nice camellias, however they are not easy to buy from florists. Still, a gardener friend may have some you could use ifrepparttar season is right…spring and fall. If you can find them, there are many nice fully doubled, formal double type camellias that are pollen-free. These camellias will look fabulous floating in small bowls of water on tables. Orchids: Very few orchids cause any pollen allergies and it is now possible to buy small pots of beautiful blooming orchids at quite reasonable prices. Occasionally there is some skin rash associated with orchids, so watch any and all sap from cut flowers. Individual orchids should have their stems in small tubes of water. Although certainly not indoor plants, pots of growing pansy, viola, and impatiens also can look terrific and they are all very low allergy potential flowering plants. In California or Florida it might be possible to get large sprays of bougainvillea flowers. These now come in many colors, including bright white. Double bougainvillea flowers will have no pollen at all, and evenrepparttar 122069 more typical types of bougainvillea will shed next to no pollen. Bougainvillea flowers are good too for using around perfume sensitive people, as they have next to no smell. Lawns: Ifrepparttar 122070 wedding is to be held on a lawn, or ifrepparttar 122071 reception afterwards is, I'd suggest thatrepparttar 122072 lawn be mowed two to three days ahead of time, and that a lawn mower with a really good grass catcher be used.

Thomas Ogren isrepparttar 122073 author of Allergy-Free Gardening, and also of, Safe Sex inrepparttar 122074 Garden. His work has been featured on National Public Radio, on CBS Evening News, on NBC, Fox, and on HGTV. For more detail on allergy free or allergy causing plants and flowers, look up allergy free gardening on Tom Ogren’s own website is

For more detail on allergy free or allergy causing plants and flowers, look up allergy free gardening on Tom Ogren’s own website is

What Planet is Your Relationship on?

Written by Elizabeth White

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Only three examples have been given here, but there are lots more. It can get very complex, butrepparttar fundamental principles are simple and can be grasped by anybody sufficiently motivated to understand them.

If you want to understandrepparttar 122068 dynamic of a relationship, you should first try to understand each person as an individual. Astrology is a great way of doing this. It can help identify what matters most to you. If you are fundamentally an emotional person, emotional rapport will berepparttar 122069 most important aspect of any relationship you have. A relationship that is great in lots of other ways, but does not meet this need, will ultimately be unfulfilling. Equally, you may tolerate all kinds of other difficulties if you are in a relationship where you feel a deep emotional connection. Discovering which planet you wantrepparttar 122070 relationship to be on, is crucial. A great relationship on Venus may be fine for some people, but you might personally be happier with one based onrepparttar 122071 moon.

Astrology is a fascinating subject. After all, what could be more interesting than studying yourself,repparttar 122072 person you love andrepparttar 122073 relationship that you have? It's worth investing some time to understand it yourself, rather than relying on other people's predictions and interpretations. It can be easy to place too much faith in an expert interpretation. There are some very experienced astrologers out there, but you arerepparttar 122074 most qualified person to understand yourself and your relationship. Astrology gives yourepparttar 122075 tools to do so in a neutral way, and it's also great fun. So, if you do feel inspired to look at it in more depth, be sure to enjoy yourself whatever planet you are on.

Elizabeth White has been practising Astrology for over 15 years and is the author of an introductory astrology course.

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