Allan Kempert Discovered That Truly All You Gotta Do Is Ask.

Written by Chuck Yorke

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While writing All You Gotta Do Is Ask, I would share thoughts and ideas with Allen. Following is one ofrepparttar implemented ideas that Allan recently shared with me:

BEFORE IMPROVEMENT Cotton rags are used to clean lubricant off machines, parts and operators hands. Employees collect rags in a fireproof can and periodically duringrepparttar 134938 week, will come to a central location inrepparttar 134939 plant to count out their rags, one by one. One operator submitted and had approved an IDEA to put a small counter on his fireproof can. As he was putting rags intorepparttar 134940 can, he simply toggled off how many rags went intorepparttar 134941 can. When he went to drop offrepparttar 134942 rags atrepparttar 134943 central location, all he had to do was dumprepparttar 134944 rags.

Allan was readingrepparttar 134945 Quick & Easy Kaizen board, where IDEAS are posted for sharing, and read aboutrepparttar 134946 counter idea. He then encouraged an employee to speak torepparttar 134947 person in charge ofrepparttar 134948 recycling program forrepparttar 134949 rags and investigate why there was a need to countrepparttar 134950 rags at all. It turns out that approximately 15 years prior,repparttar 134951 supplier ofrepparttar 134952 rags wasrepparttar 134953 only one keeping track ofrepparttar 134954 rag counts and there were discrepancies. Part ofrepparttar 134955 solution was to have both parties countrepparttar 134956 rags for a short period of time to determine what was happening. However,repparttar 134957 counting continued from then on.

AFTER IMPROVEMENT All operators inrepparttar 134958 plant have been asked to discontinue counting rags.

EFFECT Operatorís jobs are easier and from one IDEA to make an operatorís job easier by adding a counter to his can,repparttar 134959 company has uncovered over 150 hours per year to be more productive. Some people may be embarrassed that such a miscommunication would happen and feel uncomfortable sharing it. However, Allan says, "lets exposerepparttar 134960 waste without pointing fingers, reaprepparttar 134961 reward and learn from our mistakes asrepparttar 134962 only true mistakes are those which we don't learn from".

Allen continues to lead his people to find small improvements to make their job better, large improvements will also be uncovered. He was recently promoted to Assistant Production Supervisor.

Chuck Yorke is an organizational development and performance improvement specialist, trainer, consultant and speaker. He is co-author of ďAll You Gotta Do Is Ask,Ē a book which explains how to promote large numbers of ideas from employees. Chuck may be reached at

Ten Top Tips on How to Get the Best from Changing Situations

Written by Martin Haworth

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  • Remember Where You Are Right Now Be honest aboutrepparttar life you have - it is probably not that bad - so every change you have experienced in your life has been got through so far. Maybe there have been a few ups and downs, but you've probably been at least OK - so this gives yourepparttar 134857 chance to be at least OK - and new possibilities too! In fact, you might even be ahead!

  • Be Strategic In your plan, which looks torepparttar 134858 future, userepparttar 134859 changes you are experiencing to your advantage. Look out for opportunities that might crop up which work for you. Be aware and creative in what you do and where you look.

  • Celebrate When you are going through this, find moments of success - and celebrate that you are in control - you are being creative, positive and capable. It is worthrepparttar 134860 celebration.

  • Look for Change Prepare for change allrepparttar 134861 time and utiliserepparttar 134862 new skills (which you would not have had if you had not experienced change) to respond in your interests in future. You might even be constructive in generating changes for yourself.

  • Share Share your positive experiences with others. Using this pro-active way of dealing with change is radical and new - share your success with and therefore help others. It's your life, and you can be as you would like. And change can re-energise you is so many ways. Let yourself free to play withrepparttar 134863 opportunities it can bring.

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