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Written by Ed Chew

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Check this out. One share of Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway stock was worth around $19 inrepparttar mid 60s and byrepparttar 109373 end of 1998,repparttar 109374 value of that single share has shot up to $70,000. Say, if you have invested $ 10,000 back in 1965, your investment atrepparttar 109375 end of 1998 would have been worth a whopping $ 51 million. WOW ! That's unbelievable. The money was left to compound [1] by itself as time went by. That's how money-leverager makes their millions.

Nevertheless, most of these 'money-leveragers' would only get to see their wealth touchesrepparttar 109376 million-dollar mark after they have reached their 50s or 60s. Though it's a long wait before they could seerepparttar 109377 result, it is worthrepparttar 109378 wait anyhow. Wouldn't it be great to be a money-leverager?

Ok, let's be honest to ourselves. Not everyone of us hasrepparttar 109379 patience to wait, not to mention, some of us even find it hard to come up withrepparttar 109380 initial capital to invest. So, if we don't haverepparttar 109381 money, what do we have to leverage then? The answer is TIME !

Leveraging Time

A day has 24 hours and all of us regardless whether we are rich or poor, have that same amount of time in a day. Time helps us to levelrepparttar 109382 playing field. We can no longer give ourselves excuses not to get rich. We have been given an equal opportunity in this age where every one of us can have easy access to information and knowledge on wealth building.

All we need to do is to leverage an iota of our leisure time and spend it wisely to build our pipeline [2] that will continuously pay us day and night. Always remember - pipelines are no longer an affair ofrepparttar 109383 rich. Pipeline belongs to people who believe that they CAN do it.

Why Leveraging Time Not Money?

"Life is a waste of time; time is a waste of life; so why waste your time when you could be havingrepparttar 109384 time of your life?." - Unknown

Why leveraging time not money? Well, if you were a money leverager, you wouldn't be here reading this article inrepparttar 109385 first place. You would probably surfingrepparttar 109386 net now scouting for stocks to invest or busy looking for real estate properties to add to your investment portfolio. Right? So I believe you are here because you do not have enough financial means to leverage money to build pipelines of ongoing residual income.

Up to this point, I hope that you understandrepparttar 109387 difference between leveraging time and money. Let us put asiderepparttar 109388 latter and pay more attention onrepparttar 109389 concept of leveraging time as I have mentioned earlier that building pipelines through leveraging time is within everyone reach.

Inrepparttar 109390 next few hundred years from now, believe it or not, many millionaires will be created through either one of these two systems; E-Marketing or Network Marketing. Keep your mind open to ideas and let not prejudge it just because that you think it is not your cup of tea.

Perhaps, some of you will comprehend what is written here and proceed to set your own financial goal. Others may just call it a quit before even trying it. Whichever path you decide, always bear in mind this saying by Napolean Hill, "winners never quit, and quitters never win." End

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1. Do you know that ALBERT Einstein once said, "Com­pounding isrepparttar 109391 eighth wonder ofrepparttar 109392 world." Although he was referring to atomic energy, we know thatrepparttar 109393 law of compounding applies just as astonishingly torepparttar 109394 financial world as it does to science.

2. "Pipelines are designed to takerepparttar 109395 worry out of people's lives by putting profits into their pockets. But most of all, pipelines are designed to give people personal and financial freedom and lifelong security." - Burke Hedges, The Parable ofrepparttar 109396 Pipeline _________________ Copyright (c) 2004 by EdChew. All rights reserved. The author authorizes you to postrepparttar 109397 above article on your Web Site or E-zine solely for personal and non-commercial use. A link to author's website is very much appreciated.

A Net Entrepreneur and Artist.

Insurance Credi Scoring: An Ethical Issue

Written by Richard D. Schrader

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Insurance companies tout themselves as representing peace of mind, protection and security, but at what cost. Overrepparttar past 10 years, I have spent roughly 20,000 dollars in car insurance, what have I claimed? Easily less than half and I totaled a car. Is insurance just a form of legalized gambling protected by government? The McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1944 exemptsrepparttar 109372 insurance industry from antitrust laws, so here we are again without a choice; collusion isrepparttar 109373 rule not competition. Where arerepparttar 109374 ethics of lawmakers? Many states are screaming about this controversial issue and some states such as California have had some success, but with protection from top government what can consumers do?

I have personally writtenrepparttar 109375 Governor of Pennsylvania aboutrepparttar 109376 subject, one of my main questions was;

“I am a concerned citizen. Recently I noticed my car insurance rates increasing at a substantial rate. I investigatedrepparttar 109377 situation only to find out that my credit rating was makingrepparttar 109378 difference, not my driving record.”

The response I received fromrepparttar 109379 Department of Insurance follows:

This letter is in reponse to your complaint filed withrepparttar 109380 Pennsylvania Insurance Dpartment through Governor Edward G. Rendell's correspondence office regardingrepparttar 109381 use of credit as an underwriting tool for automobile insurance in Pennsylvania.

I have read through your concerns and it appears that you are questioningrepparttar 109382 underwriting of automobile insurance. Specifically,repparttar 109383 use of credit in determining eligibility. Many different factors go intorepparttar 109384 underwriting of an insurance policy, such as type of vehicle, drivers, location, etc. and most recently credit history. Pennsylvania law does not prohibit an insurance company fromusing credit as an underwriting tool so long as it is done withinrepparttar 109385 first 60 days of writing a policy. Underrepparttar 109386 law, an insurance company is granted a 60 day window fromrepparttar 109387 inception of a policy to determine whether or notrepparttar 109388 policy fits intorepparttar 109389 company's guidelines.

In your letter, you stated credit scoring in part ofrepparttar 109390 rating structure and presumable must be approved byrepparttar 109391 Insurance Department. Actually, credit scoring is part of a company's underwriting guidelines andrepparttar 109392 Dapartment only regulates underwriting guideline torepparttar 109393 extent they are not discriminatory.

Also, Federal law underrepparttar 109394 Fair Credit Reporting Act allows credit information to be used for underwriting financial and insurance transactions.

Sincerely yours,

Debra L. Roadcap

Consumer Service Investigator

The response I received is hardly what I would call an answer, of course Federal Law preempts state law andrepparttar 109395 Fair Credit Reporting Act allows for use of such information, butrepparttar 109396 real question is why? An answer to this question has still not been received. I believe this is a highly unethical practice in which insurance companies are being given free rule to take advantage of low-income families, single mothers, disabled, minorities and others. Ifrepparttar 109397 government wants to dorepparttar 109398 right thing they should judge consumers on what they have done individually, not what scientist’s hypothesis they might do based onrepparttar 109399 history of others.

About The Author: My name is Richard D. Schrader, I advocate consumer education on many topics and help consult American consumers with excessive credit card debt. You can visit my website at

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