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Written by Christopher Michaels

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Free Email Accounts

Written by Richard Lowe

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I know this, because I recently changed from my Pacbell account to a personal mailbox which I purchased from It took me over two months to notify everyone ofrepparttar change, and I'm sure I missed a few onrepparttar 109649 way.

The free web based email accounts do not have that disadvantage (unless, of course,repparttar 109650 web based service folds or changes in some way), but their are good reasons not to use them for normal correspondence.

First of all, my own personal opinion that using Hotmail or one ofrepparttar 109651 other big, well-known email services is just plain, well, tacky. It strikes me like eating imitation crab meat or something - it just feels low-class. I know other people feel this way as well - how seriously do you take something received from a Hotmail address verses a more unique domain name? And I don't mean to pick on Hotmail - all ofrepparttar 109652 big, free, web-based email suffers fromrepparttar 109653 same perceptions.

This makes a well known, web-based email account very unsuitable for any kind of real business. People are so used to getting spam from these places that they will often deleterepparttar 109654 message unread unless they absolutely know whorepparttar 109655 source ofrepparttar 109656 message is. Excluding things like FFA submissions, these email accounts should never be used for legitimate business purposes.

Another major disadvantage is that you are atrepparttar 109657 mercy ofrepparttar 109658 big company hostingrepparttar 109659 email. They want to make money, naturally, and they must do something in exchange for giving you free email. Most ofrepparttar 109660 services simply post advertisements, although some also require you to view popup ads or receive occasional spam emails. (I refer to these as spam emails because they are undesired by virtually everyone and usually people treat them like spam - they just have to be received to getrepparttar 109661 free service).

Personally, there are no conditions that I would use Hotmail in repparttar 109662 future due to their requirement that you sign up for a passport account. There are many security concerns with using Microsoft Passport (notrepparttar 109663 least of which is that Microsoft's track record is abysmal as regards security and privacy) and additionally a real trepidation at giving a large corporation such control over my information.

So what would I recommend? There are many email services available at a very reasonable price which give you everything you could possibly want. Probablyrepparttar 109664 best and most reasonably priced service I have found is from You get 10 email accounts (whose names are completely under your control) for about $40 a year (100mb of storage) - and this even includes your own domain name! The service provides both POP and web-based email, and has an array of features which make it very useful. Additionally, since you are directly paying forrepparttar 109665 service (and what better relationship is there in business thanrepparttar 109666 "customer directly pays vendor who provides service" business model), you don't have to view banners, you don't get popup ads and you don't need to receive spam emails.

And believe me, that'srepparttar 109667 best reason of all to use a service such as's paid email accounts - no stupid advertisements which I don't want, don't need and will never have a use for.

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