All Roads Lead To Rome

Written by John Colanzi

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Please take note; I didn't say a big list, I said a big targeted list.

When you sit down to map out your marketing strategy, your goal is to identify your target audience and put 90% of your efforts into building your list.

* Every page on your website should have a link to your list.

* Every ebook you give away should have a link to your list.

* Every email course you offer should have a link to your list.

* Every article you write should have a link to your list.

All roads no longer lead to Rome, they should lead to your list.

Build your targeted list and your success is guaranteed.

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi Street Smart Marketing

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The Right Stuff

Written by BB Lee

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16. I've discovered a niche inside this market.

17. I accept working long hours with little or no compensation.

18. I have enough space in my home to operate a business.

19. I know I can successfully run a business from my home.

20. I know who my customers are. big surprise here! Allrepparttar answers torepparttar 117741 questions were YES! If you answered yes to most of these questions then you probably haverepparttar 117742 "Right Stuff" to make it in a home based business. If you answered "NO" to any ofrepparttar 117743 questions, this isrepparttar 117744 area you need to cultivate until you haverepparttar 117745 needed business skills to survive inrepparttar 117746 business world. Try to strengthen this area through education, study, extensive reading, research, consulting experts, before embarking on your business venture. Or, hire a partner with good skills in your weak areas.


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