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Written by Courtney Heard

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3. Try to trade links with good quality sites that you like, 'cause if you like them, chances are they have something to offer and Google will recognize that. The more good quality sites aroundrepparttar web that have links pointing to your site,repparttar 127830 higher your link popularity will be.

4. Stay away from hi-tech sites unless you offer an alternative. ie. If your site has been designed in Flash, try to offer a plain HTML version ofrepparttar 127831 site. Google can index flash but it's not likely that it will be indexed well, and your ranking will suffer. Frames are also a no-no. Although Google can index framed sites as well, again,repparttar 127832 ranking can suffer and more importantly, frames are universally recognized in our industry as hideous!

5. Keeprepparttar 127833 content on each page to a decent level. You don't want too much content, but you definitely do not want too little. A good way to judge what a good content level is, is to search forrepparttar 127834 #1 ranking site forrepparttar 127835 keywords you wish to target, and see how much content they have. Make your content keyword-rich, but don't make it so full of keywords that it sounds ridiculous to visitors. You want to keeprepparttar 127836 visitors you get from Google, right?

Google almost always offers yourepparttar 127837 best resource for your query due torepparttar 127838 fact that all of these things matter to them. They are also always trying to find ways to improve onrepparttar 127839 Google Algorithm so they can continue to offer usrepparttar 127840 best service. Every once in a while we hear about this new search engine and that new search engine, but no one seems to have been able to catch up. As long as this remains true, these simple tips will be applicable.

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The Meta Tag Myth

Written by Bobby Heard

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The meta tag that still carriesrepparttar most importance isrepparttar 127829 description meta tag. This is because it serves as a description forrepparttar 127830 particular page of your site that it is included in. Description meta tags should be unique to each page of your site, as search engines frequently use it asrepparttar 127831 description under your page title that appears inrepparttar 127832 search results. Obviously, you want your description to be representative ofrepparttar 127833 page being displayed.

So in conclusion, donít use meta tagsrepparttar 127834 way we all have a compulsive urge to - by packing it with everything that we can think of. It seems like a good idea, but it will only help you to fail in your goal ofrepparttar 127835 holy grail: higher rankings.

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