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Written by Laura Kjer

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However, every barbecue lover knows that there is nothing likerepparttar original Texas BBQ sauce. This famous barbecue sauce has a sweet tomato flavor that is thick and delicious. It also contains special seasonings and dry rub mixtures that are added torepparttar 145308 meat before it is barbecued.

Now if you get a southeast barbecue sauce like that found in Georgia, it is slightly different fromrepparttar 145309 Texas BBQ. The sauce is thinner and has more of a vinegar taste. The meat that is used is more commonly pork instead of beef. You also see a lot of barbecues being done in “barbecue pits” or enclosures so that heat and smoke can help cookrepparttar 145310 meat.

Everyone that barbecues comes up with their own technique, their own “secret formula” and their own favorite barbecue sauce. You may discover your own. Whether you prefer a Midwest or southeast BBQ flavor or even a combination of different ones, you will have fun discovering your own taste andrepparttar 145311 fun and socialization you get from having a barbecue. Sorepparttar 145312 next time you are at a barbecue or hosting one of your own, spark some conversation by asking people if they knowrepparttar 145313 difference between barbecue and grilling or Texas BBQ sauce and Georgia sauce.

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The humble spud takes pride of place among seed savers

Written by TOM BROWNE

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Sharpe's Express, an old favourite atrepparttar Limerick market some years ago with a very dry white floury flesh, was deemedrepparttar 145307 best byrepparttar 145308 tasters.

An old variety bred in 1900 by Charles Sharpe of Sleaford in England, inrepparttar 145309 1940s it was a great favourite inrepparttar 145310 cottage gardens.

It scored 141 points as against Red Duke of York, with 118 in second place.

Ballydoon, (1931) and Frank says that it's great to have this variety back in cultivation again.

One of my own favouritesrepparttar 145311 May Queen, was fourth with 100 points while another that used to be in popular demand up to about 30 years ago,repparttar 145312 famous Land Leaguer, was surprisingly down in seventh place with just 86 points.

Others that featured onrepparttar 145313 tasters table were Epicure, Ulster Sceptre and Irish Peace.

Commenting on this year's crop, Frank said: "This season we had a dry spring followed by a wet summer.

This suitedrepparttar 145314 potatoes nicely although we had some scab due to our well-draining soil. Most ofrepparttar 145315 main crop succumbed to blight before we cutrepparttar 145316 haulms and harvestedrepparttar 145317 spuds."

Still, he confides, that they got a good harvest of quality potatoes and they were holding well in store.

An interesting importee inrepparttar 145318 Capparoe gardens isrepparttar 145319 Tibet, a round tuber with a rough, crinkly pink skin.

The flesh is yellow, floury and of excellent flavour. This is a reasonable cropper if left inrepparttar 145320 ground untilrepparttar 145321 frosts stop it.

It is a vigorous grower and needs plenty of space.

Frank, told me that it was brought home from Nepal, about 10 years ago by a traveller.

"We have plenty of Tibet, this year for all those who missed out last year due to insufficient stocks. Again it proved to be completely resistant to blight and is, he says, an all round good spud''.

The Lumper, famous for its failure duringrepparttar 145322 famine years ofrepparttar 145323 1800s, is also onrepparttar 145324 Capparoe list.

A waxy type, it is described now as quite vigorous and produces a heavy crop of oval, knobbly white tubers with deep eyes.

The taste is not great but has improved somewhat fromrepparttar 145325 famine years.

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