Aliens in Archaeology

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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There are many books that Adrian Gilbert, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch and others have done which showrepparttar correspondences between Egyptian and Mayan prophecy. I regard a lot of this as mere rationalization of Armageddon type fear-mongering and ‘miss’-story. Inevitably they draw alien influences intorepparttar 113479 game and often they see it going from Egypt torepparttar 113480 Sarmoung Brotherhood rather than having an earth-based prior culture in places such as archaeology does now prove. I have documented these things in books starting with Diverse Druids. The chances of my work getting a real publisher are minimal as a result. Archaeologists do not integrate allrepparttar 113481 discoveries throughoutrepparttar 113482 world andrepparttar 113483 media inrepparttar 113484 US refuses to report on finds such as Yonaguni or tell us why Kennewick Man’s site was destroyed. I know 60 Minutes asked that pointed question but I have yet to find an answer as to who did this or allowed it to happenrepparttar 113485 day before Congressional Bills were set to take effect.

The correspondences ofrepparttar 113486 Mayan calendar with Egypt are real in some ways and I do not throw awayrepparttar 113487 information provided. I do however look forrepparttar 113488 science to explain these things rather than takerepparttar 113489 easy answer which fits a paradigm that has fed excrement to us about Elohim or other alien influences forrepparttar 113490 last five thousand years. guest expert Regular columnist for The ES Press Magazine Author of Diverse Druids

The Greater Good

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Here is a saying that has many perspectives from which to understand Karma. It is a Mayan saying. 'Do not put yourself in front of your Self.'

There are archetypes inrepparttar mind and inrepparttar 113478 collective or ‘oversoul’. Personality does not get fully understood byrepparttar 113479 individual in most cases nor does it fully incorporaterepparttar 113480 layers ofrepparttar 113481 greater ‘Self’.

I do not believe in evil; though there are people who perform what can be called evil acts includingrepparttar 113482 likes of Crowley who defined pretty well why there is no such thing. I see it as a continuum of energy and there are elemental convergences that can take shape through proper or improper manipulation of a conscious or intelligent variety.

OOBEs and astral travel will run into many things made by man and put there to trick or trap people learningrepparttar 113483 spiritual path. I am not particularly into these things but I was very impressed when an adept came and got me one evening and took me to Crowley's favorite abode that looked just like she said it was inrepparttar 113484 Swiss Alps. In fact it was in another dimension orrepparttar 113485 interstitiary energy associated with this one. That associated state of energy is where many souls go before coming back and this is what I called lesser souls in terms of development. They will even be able to remember past lives when regressed but they are part of something larger and it really is only a part of their multi-dimensional self which may include more than tens of millions of souls.

At higher levels of refinementrepparttar 113486 'collective' is even larger and has more energy. The work of Moody and Kubler-Ross is great research butrepparttar 113487 Tibetan Book ofrepparttar 113488 Dead with a forward by Carl Jung and an interpretation by Lama Anagarika Govinda (a Cambridge Mathematician) which was compiled by or translated by Evans-Wentz goes torepparttar 113489 point more succinctly. As Jung says it - we have visions that mirror our expectations or ethnic programming asrepparttar 113490 stages (15 according to Moody and others) occur through sound to light. These Bardol States called Sidpa Bardol and likerepparttar 113491 name ofrepparttar 113492 book Bardol Thödol are not fully understood by anyone here as I see it.

The adepts likerepparttar 113493 one who took me to meet Crowley, or Vivekananda and some few others, can dematerialize and take allrepparttar 113494 body's energy with them to higher planes that according to Vivekananda (I think he was one of these teachers of Yogananda whose writing is most insightful.) may include other causal states in other parts of universe. But most of us will spend time in lesser states around this event horizon. An event horizon relates to time and it varies in universe according to modern astrophysicists. In factrepparttar 113495 Harmonic of Light andrepparttar 113496 Lost Chord or true science, may have been far better known torepparttar 113497 pre-Egyptian or pre-cataclysmic peoples likerepparttar 113498 Mungo Man and De Danaan.

Modern String Theory tells us all matter (Dark and otherwise) is comprised of one dimensional harmonic force and that makesrepparttar 113499 Biblical Logos seem most interesting. Author of Diverse Druids Columnist in Enchanted Spirit Press E-zine

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