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The Alexa user base is only a sample ofrepparttar Internet population, and sites with relatively low traffic will not be accurately ranked by Alexa due torepparttar 131546 statistical limitations ofrepparttar 131547 sample. Alexa's data come from a large sample of several million Alexa Toolbar users; however, this is not large enough to accurately determinerepparttar 131548 rankings of sites with fewer than roughly 1,000 total monthly visitors. Generally, Traffic Rankings of 100,000+ should be regarded as not reliable becauserepparttar 131549 amount of data we receive is not statistically significant. Conversely,repparttar 131550 more traffic a site receives (the closer it gets torepparttar 131551 number 1 position),repparttar 131552 more reliable its Traffic Ranking becomes.

Learn more about Alexa at Alexa Rank.

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Written by Ratliff J

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J. Ratliff is an avid internet marketer. He has an affiliate directory for affiliates.

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