Alert: New HIPAA Rules Could Affect Your Organization's Email System

Written by Paul Judge

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* Ensuring that email messages containing PHI are kept secure when transmitted over an unprotected link * Ensuring that email systems and users are properly authenticated so that PHI does not get intorepparttar wrong hands * Protecting email servers and message stores where PHI may exist

Organizations regulated by HIPAA must comply and put these practices in place. However,repparttar 138604 need to comply with regulations puts particular pressure onrepparttar 138605 healthcare industry to enhance their use of technology and catch up with other industries of similar size and scope.

Privacy and Email Security The privacy protection provisions in HIPAA pose a major compliance challenge forrepparttar 138606 healthcare industry. These provisions are intended to protect patients from disclosure of any of their individually identifiable health information. Organizations that fail to protect this information face fines ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 for each instance of unauthorized disclosure. Ifrepparttar 138607 disclosure is found to be intentional, HIPAA provides for fines ranging from $100,000 to $250,000 and possible jail time for individuals involved inrepparttar 138608 violations.

The clock is ticking its time to get started Bringing an enterprise into compliance withrepparttar 138609 rules set by HIPAA can seem like a very daunting task to evenrepparttar 138610 most experienced executives. Nonetheless,repparttar 138611 growing dependence on email as a mission-critical application requires that your organization implement comprehensive security and privacy policies and soon. A solid combination of security policies andrepparttar 138612 technologies to enforce those policies can ensure improved security as well as HIPAA readiness and ongoing adherence.

Dr. Paul Judge is a noted scholar and entrepreneur. He is Chief Technology Officer at CipherTrust, the industry's largest provider of enterprise email security solutions. Learn how to make your email system comply with HIPAA regulations by visiting

"Winnie the Pooh": Online Educational Fun for Children

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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Your kids can enjoy Pooh based on-line video games, as well as downloading coloring-in pages, mazes, and color wallpaper posters. You can also download a fun empty family tree thatrepparttar child can then research to fill in. Asrepparttar 138603 site is highly professional and under constant updates in construction, it says that soon there will be Pooh alphabetical flash cards and even an 'Enchanted call from Pooh and Tigger", although this sounds like a pure money/honey making exercise. Speaking of money please be careful as this site has lots of different products and merchandise your kids are bound to obsess over. If I were you, just try and chooserepparttar 138604 stories and videos that seem to have genuine educational value. However, there are a few nice freebies that you can download fromrepparttar 138605 'Characters' link, such as a Tigger mask and a valentine card for Eeyorerepparttar 138606 donkey as well as more fun activities. Whether you want to show your young children an interesting and fun time onrepparttar 138607 computer/Internet, or you are planning to build a children's website of your own, this site is an excellent choice.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer is and always will be a child at heart and believes that the 'Way of Pooh', a life of friendship, love, and relaxedness, is one that humans of all ages can learn from.

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