Alcohol and Events

Written by James Coakes

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restrict drinks to wine and beer and steer away from spirits. This will encourage delegates to get to bed early and have a good night's sleep. If having a drink is important in your company culture then have a longer night on a Friday after a conference so that people can make their way home on Saturday morning with a hangover. To start a conference in a fresh state of mind choose a country house hotel with access to good walking territory and have a team building walk after breakfast. Often teams start a conference after a large breakfast having not leftrepparttar centrally heated environment ofrepparttar 149149 hotel building; notrepparttar 149150 best way to get yourself going. You might arrange a light hearted aerobic session before an event; nothing too strenuous, primarily fun but out inrepparttar 149151 open and designed to getrepparttar 149152 blood flowing torepparttar 149153 brain.

This point made inrepparttar 149154 majority of organisations will be perceived as a professional approach to a potential problem that most people do recognise. The delegates will thank you for any controls you put in placerepparttar 149155 next morning.

James Coakes founded Progressive Resources Ltd 16 years ago. Progressive Resources is one of the UK's leading event management companies organising in excess of 500 events in 2004 for corporate clients such as BP, Sony and Virgin.

Secret Grant Money!

Written by Sean Labrock

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Most of these companies spell out exactly what they hope to accomplish by offering corporate grants. This is whererepparttar strategy for preparing applications for these grants should begin.

Use their words, quote their goals, and clearly explain that both you andrepparttar 148966 company haverepparttar 148967 same goals in mind.

Before developing any grant proposal, it is essential to understandrepparttar 148968 goals ofrepparttar 148969 entity offeringrepparttar 148970 grant. In their offering, these goals are clearly explained. From these goals,repparttar 148971 grant writer should note certain buzzwords and phrases which should be incorporated intorepparttar 148972 grant proposal. Simply, give them what they want.

Also, be neat.

Neatness and organization do count.

Demonstrate a Need Companies offering grants donít want to allocate funds to entities with means.

Clearly demonstrate in your proposal why you need their grant money.

Keep records of everything, don't be afraid to re-apply if you are turned down, and always say thank you.

Finally, don't let rejections discourage you as they will be your best learning experiences.

Sean Labrock is a long-time business owner with extensive experience in marketing and advertising. He currently runs the website,, a free source of excellent information on all kinds of grants.

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