Alcohol: When Enough is Enough

Written by David Westbrook

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Tellrepparttar person what will you do if they donít stop. Explain to them that you care for/love him or her too much to watch them destroy themselves without trying to stop them from it. Each person and situation will call for something different. You may state to a son or daughter that you will no longer give them money for rent, you may tell a spouse that you will not go out or talk to him or her when he or she is drunk. Whatever you say to them donít set consequences that you are unwilling to follow through on, this will only giverepparttar 150638 message that you arenít serious and will tolerate their drinking.

Before talking torepparttar 150639 person it can be helpful to locate resources. Gather information in advance about treatment options. If a person indicates that he or she is willing to get treatment, it is important that it be immediately available. For treatment resources try

If you donít get anywhere talking torepparttar 150640 person on your own try professional intervention. There are professionals, known as intervention specialists, who can help facilitate a group meeting of family members, friends and even employers to appropriately confrontrepparttar 150641 alcoholic or addict. For more information on interventions see

A great deal of stress can be incurred while coping with an alcoholic or addict, so get support you donít have to go through it alone. Al-Anon, provides free support groups for spouses and loved ones of alcoholics, and Al-ateen, provides support for children and teenagers with alcoholic parents or guardians. Participating in these groups may help family members process their emotions and develop coping skills for dealing withrepparttar 150642 alcoholic/addict. Sometimes more help may be need than these support groups can provide and seeking help from a professional counselor may be necessary.

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Your breast augmentation in Florida

Written by Jeff Lakie

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The breast augmentation itself is quite simple, but you have to be prepared for a few weeks (or even months) to recover. The first two or three weeks arerepparttar worst, asrepparttar 150637 breasts will swell and this may cause continuous pain. You will also need at least a week without doing any exercise and probably also without going to work. It will take about two months to seerepparttar 150638 final results of your breast augmentation. Florida may be a good place to perform such surgery, but this won't changerepparttar 150639 recovery timeÖ

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