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AIRCRAFT CHARTERS: Many hunters choose an air charter service to fly in to prime hunting areas to hunt these species. The air charter operator is licensed byrepparttar state to charge for flying hunters and their game meat. The drop-off hunt is less expensive than a guided or outfitted hunt becauserepparttar 139987 air charter takes care of transportation and may throw in some planning tips. The hunter provides all ofrepparttar 139988 camp gear and performs all other functions on his own. Before you contract with an air charter operator, you should have a clear understanding ofrepparttar 139989 costs of services and know exactly which services to expect. Prices and services vary considerably. Air charter operators may charge a flat rate or byrepparttar 139990 hour for flight time. When calculating costs on an hourly rate, you have to take into account “dead-head” time,repparttar 139991 time a pilot spends flying back to base after dropping you off andrepparttar 139992 time spent flying out to pick you up. Again, be sure to ask whetherrepparttar 139993 package includes flying outrepparttar 139994 meat and antlers. Some package deals also include being checked on at least once duringrepparttar 139995 hunt to bring out game or move you if you haven’t been successful. The cost of air charters also depends onrepparttar 139996 size ofrepparttar 139997 plane andrepparttar 139998 number of hunters sharingrepparttar 139999 cost. Make sure you explainrepparttar 140000 number of hunters in your group andrepparttar 140001 amount of gear you will have. There are two ways to go — you can pick a specific site and askrepparttar 140002 pilot to take you there, or you can choose a general area and askrepparttar 140003 pilot for a good hunting spot within that area. When planning your trip, keeprepparttar 140004 weather condition in mind. Besides making your hunting miserable, poor weather may disrupt your flying plans. Allow time on both ends of your schedule for weather disruptions — how much time depends onrepparttar 140005 normal frequency of bad weather forrepparttar 140006 area at that time of year. Askrepparttar 140007 air charter operator for references. You can search online for licenced transporters in your area. Check also this extensive list of Alaska Aircraft Charters, Bush Pilots, Air Taxis. FIREARMS: State law prohibitsrepparttar 140008 following: Fully automatic firearms Rifles with a barrel less than 16" Shotguns with a barrel less than 18", Rifles or shotguns less than 26" in total length Rifles, shotguns and handguns are legal for hunting in Alaska. Rimfire cartridges generally maybe used only for small game. You can read this informative article on how to choose a Firearm, Cartridge and Bullet. WEATHER: Alaskan summers are cool,repparttar 140009 average temperature is +14 deg.C (58 F) in summer and -12 deg.C (11 F) in winter but it can vary greatly between different regions ofrepparttar 140010 state. Winters are cold and dark. Early spring can be cold, but often days warm to above freezing with a lot of sunshine. It receives midnight sunshine duringrepparttar 140011 part of summer and goes into 24-hour darkness duringrepparttar 140012 part of winter. Summers arerepparttar 140013 wettest time ofrepparttar 140014 year, south regions are well known for their dampness. You can check next week weather forecast for Anchorage here. GETTING THERE: You can fly to Anchorage direct or one-stop from most major US cities. From there Alaska Aircraft Charters, Bush Pilots, Air Taxis will help you to explore America's greatest playground. Many small villages and towns have all weather airports and served daily by small air carriers. LODGING: Depending on your preferences it can be a small camping tent or a luxurious hunting lodge with all modern conveniences and comfort. There are also some primitive cabins for private use maintained by government. These can accomodate 4 to 8 people, cost from $20 to $50 (USD) per night and have to be reserved in advance, ususally- a month. You need to contactrepparttar 140015 proper agency directly to book a cabin. TRAVEL TIPS: Northern weather can be unpredictable. Consider taking with you and wearing multiple layers of clothes in response to a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions. Obtain detailed maps ofrepparttar 140016 area beforehand. Do not forget to pack first-aid and survival kits as well as bear repellents. Be sure you check available information, understand allrepparttar 140017 guidelines for hunting in Alaska before you leave home. We wish you a successful and safe trip! Visit us at for more information and useful links. - one of leading online discount travel agencies, a source of useful travel information. Visit us:

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