Alabama State Representative Revisits Nazi Tactics in Heartland America.

Written by Ryan Kelly

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Asrepparttar principles this great country were built upon continue to disappear, so willrepparttar 132267 rights and freedoms that they provided. The principle of separation of state and church has all but disappeared. What will self-serving politicians take from us next? Maybe they'll want to ban books on black history, or restrict your use ofrepparttar 132268 Internet. Are we going to allow that? Of course not!

It doesn't make sense to not be involved inrepparttar 132269 politics these days. The future of America hinges on your participation. Whether that is only a letter, an email, or an article in an ezine, you must speak out. As an elected official, I'm sure Rep Gerald Allen would love to hear your comments about his new bill. Here is his contact information. Interestingly enough, he doesn't provide an email address.

Gerald Allen (Rep.) District 62 State House: Room 531 11 S. Union Street Post Office Box 71001 Montgomery, AL 36130 Tuscaloosa, AL 35407 State House (334) 242-7758 Work Phone (205) 556-5310

Ryan Kelly is a writer and owner/editor of NoSidesMag , an ezine that envisions the elimination of a divided America. His current project is an anthology entitled Q&A New Voices . Currently available for reading online as it progresses, it will be published in hard copy upon completion.

A Secret Organisation: Short story on a possible future.

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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Roger isrepparttar secret scribe forrepparttar 132265 group, journaling all thatrepparttar 132266 organization does on a ‘blog’ or on-line journal, hoping to save their activities for posterity. Websites are being constructed on separate issues, and experts speak daily on email and video conferencing facilities. The Internet is a ‘home’ for these crusaders to share knowledge,repparttar 132267 true wealth in life. I snuck a peak atrepparttar 132268 ‘Reducing Poverty’ website,repparttar 132269 ideas expressed there jolted me out of my ‘comatose’ normality. Famous economists and sociologists were discussing new ways to achieve a balance of wealth for all of humanity. Some concepts expressed were: A salary cap on all occupations; so-called ‘second’ and ‘third world’ nations become part of ‘one world’ after ‘first world’ countries share wealth and knowledge to develop less well-off societies; and how to set up basic industry to sustain populations with constant food energy, and economic growth.

Other websites were also equally optimistic and detailed in their practical approaches to solving problems. I especially foundrepparttar 132270 chat room for Environment Sustainability of interest. It looks like most people want to integrate nature back into being a basic part of human existence. I’m notrepparttar 132271 only one who misses sitting inrepparttar 132272 forest reading E books on my laptop, while listening torepparttar 132273 birds singing. I’ve always dreamt of throwing nuts atrepparttar 132274 monkeys. Scientists here have heaps of ideas on how to regeneraterepparttar 132275 Earth and bring back endangered species fromrepparttar 132276 brink of extinction to a state of balance.

Well,repparttar 132277 revolution is about to come,repparttar 132278 rich are going to share their wealth withrepparttar 132279 masses, and important figures in government are puttingrepparttar 132280 wheels in motion for a true egalitarian society. Soon they say,repparttar 132281 secret will be shared with everyone, and all who wish to partake in bringing change will haverepparttar 132282 chance to joinrepparttar 132283 cause. I know Dianne Winters will be first in line. I’ve been waiting to smile for a long, long time; I’m ready to put myself ‘out there’. Like Roger, it’s time for me to CONNECT, to become a ‘Fixer’.

Jesse S. Somer, Jesse S. Somer is a human analyst of the technological world hoping to help people come together through the futuristic medium of the Internet.

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