Airline software specialists IBS launches SmartCargo at ACF in Bilbao- A web-based solution for airline cargo management

Written by Pradeep P. Suthan

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About IBS Software Services

IBS Software Services is a world-class provider of software solutions torepparttar global travel, transportation and logistics industry. IBS has business operations in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, and Group companies operate out of USA (Atlanta), Europe (London), Middle East (Dubai), Asia Pacific (Sydney) and India (Trivandrum). IBS has a large offshore software production and competence development center situated in India, which is SEI CMM Level-5 assessed, and ISO 9001:2000 and ticket certified. The global clientele of IBS includes major corporations like British Airports Authority, Air Canada, Emirates, Dubai Airport, Swiss, Qantas, SITA, EDS, Shell, GulfShare, and Qatar Airways. More information about IBS can be found onrepparttar 133449 web at

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A New DVD Format War

Written by Roger Faraway

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are two competing high capacity DVD technologies, HD-DVD (High Definition DVD) and Blu-Ray. HD-DVD works by using multiple layers on a single disk, and its main advantage is its low production costs. Blu-Ray is technically superior it uses blue laser light instead ofrepparttar red light used by existing players. This blue light has a smaller wavelength, and sorepparttar 133448 pits that it creates onrepparttar 133449 surface ofrepparttar 133450 DVD to encoderepparttar 133451 data, are smaller. Smaller pits means more pits inrepparttar 133452 same space, which means higher capacity. Blu-Ray can store more information than HD-DVD, but presently is more expensive to implement. When Blu-Ray is combined withrepparttar 133453 multi-layering technology behindrepparttar 133454 competing format, it will see capacities rise to as much as 200 Gigabytes. Existing DVDs hold only 4.7 Gigabytes.

The battle will most likely be won byrepparttar 133455 format that getsrepparttar 133456 most support fromrepparttar 133457 big Hollywood studios nobody is going to opt for a DVD standard with a small catalogue of titles. With Blu-Ray being backed byrepparttar 133458 likes of Hitachi, HP, and Sony (who own MGM studios), it would appear to haverepparttar 133459 edge. Hollywood however, is remaining non-committal, afraid of backing a losing horse. For now then at least,repparttar 133460 formats are caught in something of a chicken-and-egg situation. As has beenrepparttar 133461 case so many times inrepparttar 133462 past, only time will tell which format will come out on top.

Roger Faraway is the Technical Director at - a popular site offering more than 25,000 DVD titles and a large selection of DVD hardware.

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