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Written by Greg Reigel

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Also, ifrepparttar owner ofrepparttar 119258 aircraft is located in Minnesota, you may want to filerepparttar 119259 statement withrepparttar 119260 Secretary of State. Although it is not necessary to perfect your lien, it will provide notice to anyone who doesn’t know to check withrepparttar 119261 Aircraft Registry.

This is called “perfecting” your mechanic’s lien and must be done within 90 days after you providerepparttar 119262 work, materials or service. Once perfected, you now have a lien onrepparttar 119263 aircraft.

Perfection securesrepparttar 119264 amount you are owed withrepparttar 119265 aircraft. You then have several options. First, in order to sellrepparttar 119266 aircraft,repparttar 119267 owner will need to pay you and obtain a release beforerepparttar 119268 owner can give a buyer clear title torepparttar 119269 aircraft.

Second, you also haverepparttar 119270 ability to repossess and foreclose onrepparttar 119271 aircraft. This means you can force a sale ofrepparttar 119272 aircraft and then receive payment out ofrepparttar 119273 proceeds ofrepparttar 119274 sale. Any excess money is given torepparttar 119275 owner.

Underrepparttar 119276 first option, you runrepparttar 119277 risk of having to wait untilrepparttar 119278 owner attempts to sellrepparttar 119279 aircraft. The second option gives you more control, but is also more costly than simply waiting. However, under either option you are definitely in a better position to get paid than you would be withoutrepparttar 119280 lien.

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Intellectual Property Law

Written by Joe Regan

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A trademark is an intellectual property protection which is used to protectrepparttar distinctive features that distinguish one product from another. Those features can include such things as: symbols, colors, brands, names, sounds, smells, shapes, and signs.

Fortunately, Intellectual property laws benefitrepparttar 119257 creator of a property, by rewarding that creator for his/her innovation and creativity. Also, society as a whole benefits from intellectual property laws, byrepparttar 119258 fact, that these laws encourage creativity, therefore allowingrepparttar 119259 rest of us to benefit fromrepparttar 119260 wide range of products and services that are produced.

Any violation of a trademark, patent or copyright could constituterepparttar 119261 grounds for an intellectual property lawsuit. If you feel that you have been victimized it would be wise to consult a qualified attorney in your area. Find an attorney or law firm, which specializes in intellectual property law. Know your rights and protect them accordingly.

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