Air Sanders: Forget electric, go air!

Written by Jason Miller

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an air sander is much kinder to your hands, while delivering more power. They also come in models that are both sanders and buffers. I really recommend one of these if you are a car or boat enthusiast. An air buffer will make quick work of a long wax job on your favorite ski boat. You can then turn around and userepparttar same tool to sand down your kitchen cabinets for painting. Air sanders are really versatile tools and a great addition to your air tools for your garage compressor. There are also orbital sanders, dual action sanders and palm grip sanders for any application you might run across. It may be time to take a second look at that air compressor stuffed inrepparttar 149653 garage. They can do a lot more than just fill up tires and run impact wrenches.

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Why Double Glazing

Written by Matthew Anthony

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Style and Design

Double glazing is available in many different styles and types, and most people attempt to matchrepparttar style of their old windows withrepparttar 149415 new if at all possible, especially when doing restoration work. A good, reputable contractor will work with you to find double glazing windows that suit your architecture and enhance your home's beauty.


The three main frame types are PVCu, aluminum and wood, and each has its unique advantages and disadvantages. In a nutshell - PVCu frames are best at energy conservation, aluminum frames arerepparttar 149416 sturdiest, and wooden frames arerepparttar 149417 most attractive - at least inrepparttar 149418 view of some. For more detailed information aboutrepparttar 149419 advantages of each, seerepparttar 149420 related articles.

Type of Glass

Safety glass, tempered glass, low-e glass, Pilkington K glass - there are many types of glass that are used in double glazing. Glass with energy coatings -repparttar 149421 low-e and Pilkington K among them - add further insulating properties to your windows, and can certainly be worth that additional expense.


Shop for a contractor and supplier as carefully as you do for glass. Shoddily done work can negate allrepparttar 149422 advantages gained in choosing to replace your current windows with double glazing. Look intorepparttar 149423 company's history and check for any complaints against them, even ask for references from others for whom they have done work. Installing double glazing throughout your house is an expensive proposition - it only makes sense to knowrepparttar 149424 people who will be doingrepparttar 149425 work.

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