Air Conditioning Maintenance

Written by Daniel Gipe

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Check voltage and amperage on motors

Improper voltage and amperage can reduce significantlyrepparttar life ofrepparttar 136150 compressor, evaporator andrepparttar 136151 condenser motor. 80 % of all air conditioner compressor failures could be eliminated ifrepparttar 136152 problems that lead torepparttar 136153 failure were corrected.

Check and adjust blower components

Proper adjustment, cleanliness of blower and components are necessary for adequate airflow to assure proper capacity and equipment reliability.

Check condensate drain (clean if necessary)

A clogged drain can create considerable water damage, as well as affect indoor humidity levels.

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Hydronic vs Forced Air Heating and Cooling

Written by Daniel Gipe

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The least expensive forced-air system usually includes a single-stage furnace with a single-speed blower motor. The entire house is ducted as a single zone, and therefore has just one thermostat. Ifrepparttar system is sized by a contractor who uses a rule-of-thumb formula to estimate heat loss and heat gain,repparttar 136149 homeowner can end up paying higher-energy bills for a noisier, less efficient system that provides uneven temperatures from room to room.

A quality forced-air system would probably include a Coleman two-stage furnace with a variable-speed blower motor.

The house would be separated into several zones, I recommend Arzel Zoning Systems, with separate thermostats, andrepparttar 136150 air would be distributed through well-sealed, insulated ducts. In many cases, such an upgraded hot-air system will still cost less than a hydronic system.

Daniel Gipe is President of Yours By Design Heating and Cooling, Inc. in Blaine, Minnesota. Website:

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