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The Kowhai New Zealand's National Flower

Written by Alan Jolliffe

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Following flowering seed pods are produced. These 4 winged pods house a single seed in specially constructed compartments. Each pod may have up to 8 seeds. When maturerepparttar seeds may be gathered and sown quickly to ensure they germinate.

Pests and diseases includerepparttar 110110 Kowhai moth whose larvae eatrepparttar 110111 leaves andrepparttar 110112 seeds. Scale insects may invaderepparttar 110113 Kowhai and they are easily controlled by spraying with all seasons spraying oil.

The Kowhai isrepparttar 110114 best known NZ Native flowering tree and one ofrepparttar 110115 most beautiful. As a small tree it is excellent in many small gardens where light foliage cover is required and a burst of colour in spring when it smothers itself with blooms.

The botanical/Latin name hasrepparttar 110116 following meanings. Sophora is an Arabian name for a tree with pea shaped flowers and tetraptera means 4 winged seed. Previously it was included inrepparttar 110117 genus Edwardia. Kowhai isrepparttar 110118 Maori name and means yellow.

Maori also recognisedrepparttar 110119 Kowhai as an important plant. Its medicinal properties were explored byrepparttar 110120 Maori and poultices were made from bark and applied to wounds and tumours. An infusion of barks (a tea) fromrepparttar 110121 Kowhai and manuka was used to treat internal pain, bruises and broken limbs. Wood ash fromrepparttar 110122 Kowhai was used to treat ringworm.

The Maori are said to have regulatedrepparttar 110123 planting of potatoes byrepparttar 110124 flowering time ofrepparttar 110125 Kowhai.

The wood ofrepparttar 110126 Kowhai is valuable as is it is very durable. Logs have been used straight fromrepparttar 110127 bush and used in construction without any special treatment.

As an individual treerepparttar 110128 Kowhai is a superb garden plant. It is small enough for evenrepparttar 110129 smallest of gardens but it is large enough to make an impact. As a garden tree there is none better in spring.

Inrepparttar 110130 larger landscaperepparttar 110131 Kowhai makes a big success. Mass plantings of Kowhai make a tremendous impact onrepparttar 110132 scenery. This can best be seen in some ofrepparttar 110133 naturally occurring stands inrepparttar 110134 Rangitiki area ofrepparttar 110135 North Island.

Plantings ofrepparttar 110136 Kowhai should be encouraged throughout NZ and in other places aroundrepparttar 110137 world to ensure this icon of New Zealand plants is able to show us its best each spring.

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