Aiming At The Home Based Business Bullseye

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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In my opinion,repparttar targeted traffic that relevant links pointing to your site will bring can be as important asrepparttar 117051 traffic that comes to your website from people using search engines. This is where linking philosophy comes in. If you limit yourself to exchanging links only with websites that have a theme highly relevant to your own,repparttar 117052 traffic you receive from those links will be far more targeted (valuable) than traffic you might receive from links with websites that have nothing to do with your theme.

Not only do highly relevant links bring you more highly targeted traffic, but they also play a "customer satisfaction" role for visitors to your website who arrived there as a result of a search engine query. If someone arrives at your website after performing a search for, lets say "work at home" and then finds your website full of links to a bunch of off topic sites (Viagra, online casinos, hotel reservations, sports betting, etc, etc)repparttar 117053 impression is often not favorable and may actually drive your visitor away before they consider whatever it is that your website itself is offering.

Keep your eye onrepparttar 117054 bullseye and develop highly targeted traffic by having good content on your website and exchanging links with highly relevant sites that also offer good content. Remember, traffic is one thing, but targeted traffic is everything.

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How Big a List do You Want?

Written by Natalie White

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To deliver useful content and information to your list, you need 2 things... an Autoresponder and an Ezine. Easily said, right? You know what? It's easier than you think... my 12-year-old daughter could do it. You don't even need to know how to write. There are plenty of resources and articles to help you develop an Ezine. Just by doing a general search onrepparttar Web for "Ezine Articles, you will find thousands of articles, free for reprint, in all existing categories (Marketing, Sports, Travel etc.). So, whatever you specialize in or are passionate about, you will be able to find articles to put in your Ezine. The only condition to using these articles, is to includerepparttar 117050 Author's resource box and to leave it intact.

Every online business owner will say, "The gold is inrepparttar 117051 list!", right? I'm sure you've heard it before. Butrepparttar 117052 gold doesn't just appear like magic... you've got to work your own magic for it to appear.

Natalie White is an Ezine Publisher that provides Online Marketing Tips and Strategies to Home Business Entrepreneurs as well as Affiliate Program Recommendations. For more details and/or to subscribe to the Marketing Made EZ Ezine, and get a Free Online Course on Internet Success and 2 Bonus E-Books on Online Marketing. Visit:

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