Ahead of the curve to be on top

Written by Stephanie Tuia

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Looking around corners: One ofrepparttar most celebrated basketball players of all-time was cut fromrepparttar 150686 varsity basketball team when he was just a sophomore. In his book, Canít Accept Not Trying, Michael Jordan, recounts instead of giving up basketball he set achievable goals, working on one after another until he dominatedrepparttar 150687 game. He strategically focused on and worked towards sites ďAhead ofrepparttar 150688 CurveĒ to become one ofrepparttar 150689 best basketball players of all time.

Plan ahead: When Thomas Edison set about reinventingrepparttar 150690 incandescent electric light bulb, he proposed to connect his lights in a parallel circuit so thatrepparttar 150691 failure of one light bulb would not causerepparttar 150692 whole circuit to fail. Eminent scientists predict that such a circuit would never be feasible. And while at times it seemed thatrepparttar 150693 bulb might never materialize, Edison continued his work on his reverse action generator andrepparttar 150694 development of electrical wires, still in use today. His planning, work and tenacity placedrepparttar 150695 first permanent, working commercial central power system in lower Manhattan in September 1882. His sight was always ďAhead ofrepparttar 150696 CurveĒ and onrepparttar 150697 central power system that would lightrepparttar 150698 world.

These are just three ofrepparttar 150699 strategic processes described in Dr. Steven J. Stowell and Stephanie Meadís new book Ahead ofrepparttar 150700 Curve, A Guide to Applied Strategic Thinking and their workshop, Applied Strategic Thinking. The workshop is a practical look at what it means to be strategic and demonstrates a hands-on process in developing workable strategic plans that will take companies intorepparttar 150701 future. For more information regardingrepparttar 150702 workshop, please call (801) 569-3444.

If you would like to purchase a copy of "Ahead of the Curve", you can place an order by visiting their online bookstore or by calling 888-262-2499.

How To Prepare For A Performance Appraisal

Written by Gerard McLoughlin@aol.com

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Be open and co-operative with your reviewer. Acknowledge problems, and deal positively and maturely with criticism. Avoid givingrepparttar impression that you are onrepparttar 150661 defensive.

Participate actively and enthusiastically inrepparttar 150662 appraisal. Listen attentively to everything your reviewer says. Aim for a positive and creative exchange of views.

Having considered your duties, responsibilities, goals and priorities beforehand, you will be in a better position to discuss them in an informed and objective manner. Ask for clarification if necessary.

If you are unhappy about targets or feel that they are unrealistic, say so sensitively.

By documenting your difficulties as and when you encounter them throughoutrepparttar 150663 year you will be in a position during your appraisal to discuss them authoritatively and put them inrepparttar 150664 context of your overall contribution torepparttar 150665 company. Stress how you have benefited from these experiences and have usedrepparttar 150666 knowledge gained to improve your performance. Make constructive suggestions and, if necessary, ask for advice on how best to accomplish your targets.

In anticipation of your next appraisal, be sure to record and implement your reviewer's recommendations.

Think of ways in which you or your department could improve. If you are suggestingrepparttar 150667 provision of extra resources or specific training opportunities, stressrepparttar 150668 benefits that will accrue torepparttar 150669 company.

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