Aftermath of a Child’s Near Death Experience

Written by RobinRenee Bridges

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Frequentlyrepparttar people I saw were “dead” relatives. I knew they couldn’t really be “dead” because they looked too alive. They were beautiful and luminous. They were happy and active. There was nothing “dead” about them.

Today I see that all living things pulsate with energy and movement, light and color. The people that I see tell me that I still can’t seerepparttar 122138 complete picture. My physical eyes see only three primary colors in a world of a million primary colors. They tell me that when I drop my body and pass throughrepparttar 122139 veil, I will be able to see all these colors that are now hidden from me. And I will hearrepparttar 122140 colors and feel them too.

They tell me that leaving this world is like passing from one room into another room, and that there is not one moment of unconsciousness. Even though a physical body may be unconscious atrepparttar 122141 moment of death,repparttar 122142 soul is conscious and totally aware of what is happening. The soul gently coachesrepparttar 122143 body to let go of it.

They tell me thatrepparttar 122144 physical world andrepparttar 122145 spirit world are one world. We’re not able to see it becauserepparttar 122146 physical senses are a barrier between this world andrepparttar 122147 real world. There is no separation betweenrepparttar 122148 two worlds inrepparttar 122149 same way that our world is not separated fromrepparttar 122150 world of a fetus in its mother’s womb. The fetus cannot seerepparttar 122151 world of its family that exists all around it, but it’s there.

Whenrepparttar 122152 silver cord detaches and we droprepparttar 122153 body, we will be able to see clearly how all this exists together. We will seerepparttar 122154 angelic creatures called Joy and Exaltation as they enfold us while we translate fromrepparttar 122155 gross earthly flesh into our radiant and tangible spirit body. They tell me that I cannot imagine, even in my wildest dreams, how exquisiterepparttar 122156 experience is.

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RobinRenee Bridges has been a chaplain and officer in The Sanctuary for more than thirty years. She is the author of “A Bridge of Love between Heaven and Earth: Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife.” For more articles about death, dying, and the afterlife visit her web site at:

Joy or Crisis?

Written by White Feather

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Joy is atrepparttar other end ofrepparttar 122137 spectrum, and, in this reality, isrepparttar 122138 highest vibration we can experience before merging with our entity. I am talking about true ecstatic joy that fills us completely. One step beyond true ecstatic love. Joy is a vibration that IMMEDIATELY puts us in contact with our entity. All of us have experienced moments of pure joy, but if you add up allrepparttar 122139 moments of pure joy felt during a typical 75 year long life, you will typically only get a few hours total. The ideal is to live our lives in joy 24/7. When we can live in joy on a constant basis, then that is when we can merge withrepparttar 122140 whole entity that we are, and inrepparttar 122141 process, step into a new dimension.

Inrepparttar 122142 meantime, every ounce of joy we can experience gets us closer to our goal. You see when we feel with all our beingrepparttar 122143 full vibration of joy, then our entity comes in to take note ofrepparttar 122144 vibrational fluctuation, and resetsrepparttar 122145 autopilot for a higher vibration to accommodate our joy. Our default vibration goes up a little every time we experience joy. When we reach a certain vibrational level as a constant, thenrepparttar 122146 autopilot gets shut off, and we are then in complete control of our own consciousness and our free will. We can then merge our consciousness withrepparttar 122147 greater part of our entity, and becomerepparttar 122148 fully realized gods that we are, living in pure joy allrepparttar 122149 time.

Where do we find joy? It is everywhere. We don't have to search for it. It can be found in anything. It is simply a matter of tuning into that joy vibration. Since that vibration permeates all of creation, it can be found in a flower, a rock, a child's face, a cup of coffee, a walk inrepparttar 122150 woods, a lover's embrace, a kind word..... We are inundated withrepparttar 122151 vibrations of joy allrepparttar 122152 time, but we do not open up to embrace it. We'll meditate for twenty minutes to try to get close to it, but we won't try to embrace it while we're washing dishes.

It is easy to run on a default consciousness, but if we employ our free will to choose to look forrepparttar 122153 joy in all things, then joy itself becomes our default consciousness. Crisis becomes unnecessary then because we will have established a connection with our entity. Joy will no longer be something felt only occasionally throughout a life, but it will become a way of life, a dimension of living that we might call heaven on earth.

Embrace joy where ever you may find it. Stop whatever you're doing to embrace it and feel it with all your being. Hold on to it as long as you can. Don't concern yourself with whetherrepparttar 122154 joy will still be there ten minutes from now. Stay inrepparttar 122155 present and feelrepparttar 122156 joy. The more we embrace it,repparttar 122157 more it becomes embedded in our consciousness. It is a cumulative thing. Try embracing it once every single day, and before long you'll be embracing it several times each day. Eventually, you will not only be experiencing joy on a regular basis, but you'll be spreading it where ever you go. Eventually,repparttar 122158 vibration ofrepparttar 122159 whole planet will increase.

Visit White Feather's website, White Feather is the author of several books, including Living in Joy, The Valley of the Singing Girl, and Rejuvenation, a Novel.

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