African Americans get the Winning Edge

Written by Bret Searles

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Sacrificing our spiritual and family commitments inrepparttar quest to win is foolishness. Having your priorities screwed up when it comes torepparttar 146924 spirit and to family is common but never good. We do it in emulation of our parents and peers. But nothing can make you true winner when you have to sacrifice those things to win.

This part ofrepparttar 146925 definition requires you to be true to who you are and not necessarily torepparttar 146926 rules of ďthe game.Ē Donít have children you donít want to care for because everyone else has kids at a certain age. Donít volunteer your time to projects that take you away from your family but raise your profile if it is your family that really matters to you. Be true to yourself.

So, how can you berepparttar 146927 winner you want to be? Itís simple, dorepparttar 146928 opposite ofrepparttar 146929 loser. The losers lose because they choose not to win. Losers choose not to win because they fail at learning orrepparttar 146930 fail at growing.

Again, bothrepparttar 146931 winner andrepparttar 146932 loser will suffer losses however;repparttar 146933 winner learns from his losses and changes his approach, which is a sign of growth. The loser may learn but may not grow. The loser may give up before learning and growth can occur. The ultimate loser will not learn and continue to persevere untilrepparttar 146934 defeat becomes a complete loss similar torepparttar 146935 drug addict or alcoholic that ends up onrepparttar 146936 street with absolutely nothing.

The mind of a winner is trained over time to learn from failure and will always grow as a result. The ultimate winner excitedly anticipatesrepparttar 146937 opportunity to grow and change over time. The ultimate winner will learn and grow fromrepparttar 146938 failures of others and will see trouble before it hits and take action. The ultimate winner makes winning look effortless to outsiders looking inside.

We inrepparttar 146939 African-American community need to adoptrepparttar 146940 winning entrepreneurial attitude and spirit. Global financial storm clouds are up ahead. Social security, global competition, demographic shifts, global terrorism, technological advancements andrepparttar 146941 increasing demand for highly skilled, highly educated yet cheap labor will strain our economic and political institutions beyond their limits. Only winning edge will preserve them.

Onlyrepparttar 146942 winning edge will lead to our advancement inrepparttar 146943 face of these challenges. Onlyrepparttar 146944 financially secure,repparttar 146945 innovators and creators and those courageous enough to take action now will thrive and they will be among those leading our country to it next great height.

Black Americans will undoubtedly be among these great leaders. Why not join these future leaders? Getrepparttar 146946 winning edge today.

Bret Searles is a freelance writer on Black wealth issues, author of the ebook "The 7 Simple Secrets to Building Wealth: An African American's Guide", and publishes in ezine at

Who are YOU ?!?

Written by James Sorrell

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Then you can pick out those little opportunities that come along in life, tailor-made just for you, instead of being in a daze at allrepparttar stuff coming at you and stumbling to makerepparttar 146893 right decision, sometimes [or allrepparttar 146894 time] missing out! Best regards for a complete life, Jim Sorrell or

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