African Americans: A Look in the Mirror, Part 2

Written by Bret Searles

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We sometimes live as if our situation was imposed on us against our will and that we are powerless to resist. Years of conditioning make it understandable why some feel that way. The challenge is recognizing that these challenging situations and problems are truly temporary and changeable. We also want to experiencerepparttar good times with greater intensity and more lasting effect. This book will provide you with strategies to do all this and will help you to view your circumstances in whatever way serves you most in getting you to your desired goals. Youíll find that we donít need a new leader to lead us; what we need are new leadership skills. We need an infusion of leadership at all levels inrepparttar 146608 black community and our nation needs it as well. We need African American leaders in every corner of our nation. We need African American leaders in bothrepparttar 146609 Democrat and Republican parties. We need African American leaders in business and government. We need more leaders inrepparttar 146610 family and inrepparttar 146611 community. African Americans must adopt new ideas and new thought patterns that our ancestors didnít haverepparttar 146612 luxury to adopt in order to advance inrepparttar 146613 new economy. With allrepparttar 146614 sad statistics mentioned here, we are still standing here today at this time in history. Our country has needed us on many occasions. Even oppressed, African Americans helped build this country, fight itís wars and turnrepparttar 146615 tide to victory from defeat. God has a plan for America and we are an integral part of His plan for this country. More people are free aroundrepparttar 146616 world today because of this nation and our struggle is an example to many ofrepparttar 146617 oppressed inrepparttar 146618 world of what a united, determined people can achieve. Entrepreneurship isrepparttar 146619 key to unlockingrepparttar 146620 last chains to keep us from living out our true purpose and to become who we really are as a people. This generation of African Americans needs to tap intorepparttar 146621 power of entrepreneurship to createrepparttar 146622 kind of wealth that will truly set us free. We need to developrepparttar 146623 required skill sets necessary for success as leaders in 21st century business. These skills truly are timeless and have been used throughout time byrepparttar 146624 captains of industry. These skills were surely mastered byrepparttar 146625 ancient Egyptians when they built an advanced civilization andrepparttar 146626 great pyramids that cannot be replicated by any ofrepparttar 146627 engineers and architects of this age. In this age, these skills are now more necessary then ever. The social experiment of communism has failed. Government cannot solve allrepparttar 146628 problems that ail people. There is no reason we should fall prey torepparttar 146629 temptation to seek solutions to our problems from our government. Our government is extraordinarily wealthy and so is our society. The rewards go to those that providerepparttar 146630 most service withrepparttar 146631 most value in our society. No law, regulation or tax has been able to change that. Now that our economy is switching from an industrial age economy to an information age economy, allrepparttar 146632 old rules are quickly becoming obsolete. Failure of African Americans to adapt to this shift is economic suicide especially at a time when itís never been easier to start a business, turn a profit and live free. Knowledge and application ofrepparttar 146633 necessary skills in your entrepreneurial enterprise or at work will tiltrepparttar 146634 odds of financial security and lasting wealth in your favor despite your current station in life today. The statistics presented show us how much work we have to do. We have always had leaders stand up at our point of greatest need throughout history. The statistics canít tell you who they are, where they will come from or whatrepparttar 146635 leaders ofrepparttar 146636 21st century will be able to accomplish but with history as our guide, we can count on it that they will change this world forrepparttar 146637 better. The only question I have for you is ĎAre you that leader?í

Bret Searles is a freelance writer on Black personal finance and business issues, author of an ebook "The 7 Simple Secrets to Building Wealth: An African American Guide" and publisher of the ezine Black Wealth Now available at

Got Envy?

Written by Kenia Morales

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*Be real to yourself. Understand that everyone is different. While your friend might have beautiful hair, you may have a killer smile. The same applies to talents just because your friend is a successful CEO, it does not mean you will be too. However if you focus on your own abilities you can be successful, IN YOUR OWN WAY!

*Measure success in your own terms. Once you have a deep understanding of who you are and get a clear vision of where you want to go, define your own terms of success and do not let anyone or anything redefine it for you; unlessrepparttar change comes from your heart.

*Be aware of life's reality. This advice is pretty much basic understand that no matter how powerful, rich or successful you may become there is always going to be someone in top of you. But, do not forget, this rule can also be appliedrepparttar 146573 other way too. There's always going to be someone less fortunate than you.

*Practice self-control- if you find yourself feeling envious stop yourself. Change your mindset; you can even laugh at yourself "I'm being foolish now".

*Go after your dreams, develop interests. Once you materialize some of your goals your self esteem will receive a boost andrepparttar 146574 less space you will have in your life forrepparttar 146575 green eye monster.

Best Wishes,

Kenia Morales


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